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“I am not a dancer,” Marc De La Concha laughs.

He bends forward and throws his hands on his legs. His face, which is usually clean shaven, is adorned with a mustache.

It will go perfectly with a black pinstripe suit and a slick comb over. In just a week, he’ll be stepping on the stage as the passionate husband and father Gomez Addams.

“It’s a lot of tango stuff,” he says.

A few of the other actors sitting by him compliment him on his moves, and he lets out another laugh. De la Concha smirks.

“I’m a strong mover.”

De La Concha and the others are in Cape Fear Regional Theatre’s upcoming production of The Addams Family. At the table near De La Concha sits Tyce Diorio, the choreographer, Samantha Parada, who plays Morticia, and Alessandra Antonelli, who plays Wednesday.

In this production, Wednesday meets a young man and brings him home. She asks Gomez to keep the secret.

“He has never kept a secret from his wife ever,” De La Concha sweeps his hand in front of his face and laughs. “Chaos ensues.”

Parada and De La Concha are locals to the area. Antonelli lives in New York and requested to audition for the darkly braided teen. She says she is excited to play Wednesday and be here “in real life.”

Like De La Concha hinted at, the show will have a lot of musical numbers and dancing.

“This is such an ensemble show,” Parada says. “We will see an awesome, huge ensemble of creepy, kooky dancing. It’s a fun show for the Halloween season.”

The actors are currently rehearsing daily at the theatre, with each character bringing in their own quirky musical styles for the characters they are portraying.

The show’s director, Mary Katherine Burke, says while all The Addams Family plays are so different, the fact that each character has their own musical style is truly unique to this production.

She and the others are trying to find a balance between all the versions of The Addams Family, from the Wednesday series to all the movies, but still giving the production and the characters their all. One thing they can all agree on is that there’s a lot of fun in figuring this out.

“I am a huge fan of this show,” says Tyce Diorio. “I love the weirdness and the oddness. I can find my inner quirk and kookiness. And they are absorbing it so well. It’s a treat.”

A few of the actors give Diorio and his team compliments on how good they’ve been during rehearsals thus far and the way he makes moves “make sense” for them.

The Addams Family will start Oct. 19th and run through Nov. 5th. The theatre will host both a military and a teacher appreciation night, as well as a popcorn party on three other showings.

Tickets range between $19 to $37. The show is rated PG. When asked about the rating, Burke just said there’s some adult humor in the show and, of course, a hand that moves on its own.

“You should make your own decisions,” she says. “There’s dead people dancing. For everybody it’s different about what’s good … It is a dark musical comedy.”

For more information, visit www.cfrt.org.P48 B

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