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The Fayetteville Symphony Orchestra along with Cumberland Choral Arts are proud to present Handel’s Messiah (Part the First) on Saturday, Dec. 16, at 7:30 p.m.

This annual performance, held at the Berean Baptist Church located at 517 Glensford Dr, is a cherished tradition that marks the beginning of the holiday season, attracting hundreds of eager attendees.

Described as a "Gift to the Community," this musical offering is a longstanding partnership between the Fayetteville Symphony Orchestra, Cumberland Choral Arts and the local community.

The event encourages participation from the audience, extending an open invitation to individuals who have previously sung this masterpiece to join in or attend rehearsals and stand with the choir, fostering a sense of inclusivity and shared musical experience.

The performance primarily features the “Christmas portion” of Handel’s Messiah, culminating with the renowned and uplifting “Hallelujah Chorus.” Symbolizing the spirit of the holiday season, this rendition encapsulates the joy and exuberance associated with the festive period.

Meghan Woolbright, marketing and office manager, Fayetteville Symphony Orchestra, shared insights into the significance of this annual celebration.

"Handel’s Messiah has become a beloved tradition in Fayetteville, serving as a beacon that heralds the onset of the holiday season. It's a musical gift we offer to the community, inviting everyone to come together and revel in the beauty of this timeless piece,” she said.

“The opportunity for audience participation, where past singers join the choir, exemplifies the inclusivity and communal spirit that defines this event."

Woolbright also shared what attendees can expect from this performance of Handel’s Messiah (Part the First), saying, "This rendition will showcase the vibrant talent of the Fayetteville Symphony Orchestra as they deliver the mesmerizing 'Christmas portion' of Handel’s Messiah. Audiences can anticipate a captivating and uplifting musical journey, culminating in the iconic 'Hallelujah Chorus.' It's a celebration of the season through music, a moment to come together and immerse ourselves in the joyous spirit of the holidays."

Admission to the concert is open to all without the need for tickets, encouraging everyone to partake in this festive celebration.

The Fayetteville Symphony Orchestra and Cumberland Choral Arts invite you to join them for this enchanting performance of Handel’s Messiah (Part the First) and experience the magic of the holiday season through music.

For further details or inquiries about the performance, individuals are welcome to reach out to the Fayetteville Symphony Orchestra at www.fayettevillesymphony.org or by calling 910-433-4690. Cumberland Choral Arts can be reached at 910-303-0463, and their website is www.cumberlandchoralarts.org.

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