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The Museum of The Cape Fear Historical Complex, which operates under the esteemed NC Department of Natural and Cultural Resources, is proud to announce the latest installment of its "History To-Go" initiative.

This unique program aims to foster a deeper understanding of North Carolina's rich heritage among the younger generation. The museum, located at 801 Arsenal Ave, is collaborating with the Museum of the Cape Fear Historical Complex Foundation Inc. and the Arts Council of Fayetteville to offer complimentary take-home craft kits.

Designed for ages 6 to 12, the "History To-Go" kits are a blend of educational materials, engaging activities, and delightful crafts, ensuring an immersive learning experience. Each month, a new theme takes center stage, allowing participants to explore different facets of North Carolina's people and places.
This December, the museum is highlighting the captivating heritage of Moravian Christmas. Originating from the mid-1700s migration of the Moravian community from present-day Czech Republic to North Carolina, this theme sheds light on their distinctive traditions, including the renowned Moravian Star. Families can visit the museum to collect their "History To-Go" box, limited to two per family due to high demand. Recognizing the varying geographical reach, the museum facilitates access to online resources, enabling individuals unable to visit in person to explore Moravian Christmas's essence.

The Moravian Christmas-themed kits encapsulate the spirit of this unique celebration, offering insights into the customs, history, and significance of this tradition. The aim is to bridge the historical connection between the Czech Republic and North Carolina, particularly the influence of the Moravian community on the state's cultural landscape.

For those seeking a glimpse into the Moravian Christmas theme and unable to physically obtain the kits, the museum extends its outreach online. Accessible resources feature engaging activities and comprehensive craft supply lists, enabling participation from anywhere.

The Museum of The Cape Fear Historical Complex is committed to preserving and promoting North Carolina's cultural legacy and invites families to embark on a journey of discovery this holiday season. Through the exploration of Moravian Christmas, participants are encouraged to embrace the historical tapestry woven between the Czech Republic and the heart of North Carolina.

For further information and online access to the Moravian Christmas-themed activities, please visit the Museum of The Cape Fear Historical Complex's official website. Visitors can also contact the museum by phone at 910-500-4240, or by visiting

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