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For the real-estate investor enthusiasts, mark your calendars for Jan. 11, from 6 to 8:30 p.m., as the North Carolina Real Estate Investors Association invites you to their highly anticipated monthly event, the first in 2024. Cheryl Gleason-Friel will host the event at The Main Event, located at 580 Cross Creek Mall in Fayetteville.

Cheryl Gleason-Friel has been working with the NCREIA Fayetteville group for six years as a Certified Property Manager.

She is also an Accredited Real Estate Mentor and Investor with over 30 years of experience in the property management field and the co-founder of Patriot Real Estate Services, LLC., managing over 300 doors in the Fayetteville and surrounding area as well as Sanford, Smithfield, Lillington, Cameron and more.

Her dedication to excellence and commitment to providing exceptional service have made her a trusted name in the local real estate community.

“I am networking, as usual, and consulting to bring in new real estate investor business and landlords to continue to grow our market share in Fayetteville. I have been working with the NCREIA Fayetteville group for six years now. I always look forward to our monthly meetings because they are packed with education, networking, and the best people, from newbie investors to the experienced.

"I am excited about 2024 and all the limitless opportunities it will bring,” said Cheryl.

She added, “We are officially one team as of Dec. 11th, 2023. Exciting news for us as we now manage well over 2,500 rental properties in the Triangle and Sandhills areas, with a heightened focus on Fayetteville in particular, with such a robust rental market in part due to Fort Liberty.”

Cheryl has successfully completed over five hundred property flips/turnovers, maintaining timelines and profits while minimizing liability to reach the clients’ common goals.

Cheryl obtained an undergraduate degree from Bridgewater State University and a Master’s from Bentley University.

She is also the organizer and group leader of the North Carolina Real Estate Investors Association in the Fayetteville market, which provides education, training, services, and opportunities for novice and experienced real estate investors while promoting high standards of ethics and a positive influence in our community.

During this exclusive event, Cheryl will be sharing her insights and strategies on property management and real estate investment. This is an opportunity to learn from one of the best in the field.
Kathie Russell is a Certified Mediator, Real Estate Coach and Mentor.

“I am a retired real estate attorney whose practice focused on helping real estate investors. Now, I am one of 4 executive team members of NCREIA. I am passionate about real estate investing and can talk about it for hours and never tire of it. I love to help others discover investing and see the financial freedom it brings. Watching someone with no investment experience join our group, become educated, and then do their first deal is extremely fulfilling. We truly help people change their lives,” Russell stated.

Kathie gave more information about NCREIA by adding, “I have been with NCREIA for over 15 years (we used to be called Triangle Area Real Estate Investors Association, but after we expanded, we changed the name). We have 3 chapters: Raleigh, Wilmington and Charlotte. There is a main meeting once a month in each chapter location. We try to bring nationally known educational speakers to help our members learn all facets of real estate investing.

"We also have around 15 subgroup meetings, half on Zoom and half in person. We have Women in Real Estate, Experienced Investors, New Investors, Short Term Rentals, Commercial Real Estate, Marketing, NCREIA West Raleigh, NCREIA Wake Forest, NCREIA South Raleigh, and NCREIA Fayetteville, as well as a couple of other specialty subgroups and special topical seminars.”

NCREIA is the top Real Estate Investing association in North Carolina. They provide hands-on training with high-level experts, experienced investors, and vendors.

They provide multiple opportunities with valuable education programs, networking, and growth. In addition, members of their community have access to off-market deals across the state (and even into bordering states).

The mission of the North Carolina Real Estate Investors Association (NCREIA) LLC is to provide education, training, services, and opportunities for the novice and experienced real estate investors while promoting high standards of ethics and a positive influence in the community. Don't miss out on this chance to network with fellow investors, gain valuable knowledge, and uncover new opportunities within the Fayetteville real estate market.

To register for the event, visit their website at: or call 919-604-9093.

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