Kids in kindergarten through 3rd grade will enjoy a sweet and educational program at Sweet Factory’s event Sweet Currency Extravaganza on Jan. 20th from noon to 2 p.m. The Sweet Factory is located at 2733 Freedom Parkway Drive, Suite 6.

The event is where Kanitra Blount, co-owner of the Sweet Factory, will partner with Crystal McLean, an author with a career in finances, to promote healthy financial advice to children.

At the event, the children will hear McLean read her book, "No,No, Sonny, Save That Money!"
Afterward, they will do an activity in the craft corner inside the establishment that coincides with the book.

“Financial literacy is my passion,” McLean said. She said it is one of her daily pursuits.

“I understand a lot of children are not learning this topic at home or school,” she said. She added that school curriculum does not provide an opportunity to learn it until late high school years.
Young and impressionable

McLean said this event makes money fun for the young and impressionable.

“It’ll begin to take away the dread society puts on finances and give them a strong foundation without the fear of managing money,” McLean said.

Blount added on, “I started Sweet Factory to teach my children the business aspect of life and teach them money management,” she said.

She said she thinks this is a great opportunity to share with the community.

“Literacy is not always fun for some students,” McLean said. “This gives a shift to learning. They get the chance to listen to someone read to them and at the same time get the opportunity to apply the concepts taught in the book in a fun way.”

One of the pillars of Sweet Factory is creativity.

The crafts corner inside the business hosts creative activities monthly. This event’s activity has not been determined.

Both of McLean’s books will be available for purchase.

“Harmoney and the Empty Piggy Bank” was McLean’s first book. She wrote it to teach her daughter money lessons.

She wrote it after she went to Barnes and Noble and couldn’t find a finance book for her daughter’s age range or anything fun enough.

She said the Lord laid it in her heart to write the book since she couldn’t find what she was looking for.
Then, once it became popular, she noticed the need for a younger set of kids who were impressionable and eager to learn about money.

That’s when she came up with the Dr. Seuss-esque book, “No, No, Sonny, Save That Money!” This will be read at the event.

The two are thrilled to have each other as partners for this event.

“Sweet Factory being in our community is more than just candy,” McLean said. She said it is a family environment where the children can get knowledge too.

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