image1According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “two effective health practices to address obesity are eating a healthy-reduced diet and exercising regularly. The establishment of and maintenance of exercise/physical fitness at a gym is a proven modality for treating the diseases of obesity and overweight.”

Anytime Fitness Strickland Bridge in Fayetteville is an available option. There is also the option of an Anytime Fitness App.

“The Forbes survey results are fitness, losing weight, and improving diet are the top New Year’s resolutions. The paradox is that 22 percent of the respondents fail to keep these gym-related resolutions after two or three months,” said Connor Pitre.

Sayvon Sampson, trainer, Anytime Fitness Strickland Bridge, addresses the question, “what makes it so hard to stick with New Year’s resolutions that are gym-related?”

“There are quite a few reasons that fitness-related New Year’s resolutions usually always fail. They fall under one of these categories: money, misinformation, and lack of direction. Starting with money, a lot of people are under the assumption that all they need to get in shape is to start coming to the gym.

"There are so many material things that can be purchased to drastically improve your gym experience and the likelihood of sticking with your goal. So, they grab their 5-year-old running shoes, throw those on while having eaten one time that day, and scoop down C4 before going to the gym. The person makes a commitment to work out 7 days a week. These actions are not conducive for sustaining the gym-related New Year’s resolution,” said Sampson.

The five-year-old running shoes have outlived their effectiveness. It is recommended that exercise shoes be replaced at least yearly. When the shoes are too broken in, there is a loss of support to feet, ankles, and knees for various impact-related activities.

Over the next few weeks, it can become painful and too painful to walk. Constant pain from minimal stimulus is not easy to “tough it out.” Purchase a good pair of running shoes at minimum.

The average meal consists of 300 to 700 calories. A person can burn 1200 to 1800 calories for daily maintenance. When a person adds an hour work-out after leaving the job, that is an additional 400 to 1300 calories they can burn. The person coming to the gym after work in many cases ate a meal in the early afternoon.

The misconception is eating less is effective for getting in shape resulting in weight loss. During the early days of the fitness journey, the body needs to recover from the exercise. If the body cannot recover from the exercise, there are physical reactions. Everything is going to hurt; you are going to get weaker and in some extreme cases experience rhabdomyolysis.

Simply, you are over-training and under-recovering. It can take weeks, months, for the body to recover well from a 7-day in a row training. The body recovery requires supportive energy and protein foods.

C-4 pre- workout supplements contain beta-alanine, creatine nitrate, arginine, and caffeine. It is a source of energy, enhances performance and enhances focus. It is advisable to check with a physician or pharmacist for interaction with prescribed medications before ingesting pre-workout supplements. C-4 has a side effect of anxiety, an itch or a tingle, diarrhea, headache, and stimulated blood pressure.

Lack of direction is a significant factor contributing to not keeping gym-related resolutions.

“What do the goals of getting in shape or losing weight actually mean in practice? How does a person know if the practices are achieving the objectives? If the person sees the loss of a few pounds on the scale, is that good?” said Sampson. “The person can be losing fat or muscle. Losing muscle is not a good thing. Losing weight and keeping in shape are not the same practices. Training, eating, supplements need to coalesce with each other. The bodybuilder, advanced gym goer, and marathon runner have different protocols. The new gym-goer also has a specific protocol.

"New gym goer needs to do more foundational exercises or compound movements to bring up their guaranteed imbalance. The recovery time for the body after exercising is different for the bodybuilder, marathon runner, advanced gym goer, and the new gym-goer.”

The Anytime Fitness Strickland Bridge training program focuses on high intensity training and meal plans that complement the person’s goals.

“We have software that calculates how many calories our clients are burning with us, so we can be accurate as possible. Body composition scanner to measure muscle gained and fat lost. We have nutrition consultations to teach clients how to measure and track their macros to ensure we are meeting the necessary deficit/surplus,” shared Sampson.

Power up at Anytime Fitness Strickland Bridge 951 Strickland Bridge Road, Fayetteville.

The gym provides amenities such as Aerobics, Zumba, Personal Training, Day Training experience, Base Burn workout, Free weights, My Zone Belts, Group Training Cardio, Free Fitness Consultation, 24/7 Access, 24/7 Security, 30-Day-Training Experience, Cycling, Coaching Service, Virtual Coaching and World-Wide Access.

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