423147249 1629874184474521 428441042618749622 nAmong the bustling goings of downtown, there is a serene retreat that transforms the mind, body, and soul, from entrance to exit. Blissful Alchemist, located at 414 Ray Avenue, is a space like no other in the area.

A boutique, a hair salon, a tanning salon, a yoga and meditation studio, a salt room, a holistic health cooperative, and an event space, there is not much that this place doesn’t do or provide. On March 2nd, from noon to 2 p.m., Blissful Alchemist is hosting a Yoga and Sound in the Salt Room, an elevated yoga experience utilizing three services found in the space. This occasion was masterfully crafted to release tension and uplift the soul, not to mention the physical benefits of movement in the salt cave. Everyone is invited to this class, whether they are new to yoga and sound bowls or those practicing for years. This class can be modified for anyone. The cost of the class is $14. Those interested can secure their spot online at https://www.blissfulalchemists.com/s/appointments.

For those unfamiliar, yoga, in its Western practice, is an intentional movement of the body to release negative feelings and has proven physical benefits. Sound bowls, which can be considered musical instruments, are metal or crystal bowls that resonate sounds at different frequencies depending on how they are played.

Salt caves are man-made versions of the natural phenomena of water dissolving rock salt, creating a cave. The use of salt caves has proven to improve respiratory health, the immune system, mental health, skin health and some recurring minor issues like sinusitis and congestion. Information on all services can be found and booked via the website.

Blissful Alchemists was co-founded by Brittany Campbell. An Ohio native, entrepreneur, and military wife, Campbell has dedicated time to creating a cooperative space for other women-owned businesses to thrive.

“Blissful Alchemists was created between my business partner Carolyn and I. We wanted to bring together parts of different aspects of our life. I began with beauty. She began with spirituality. And we knew together that the mind, body, and spirit are just so important and all together. You’re not going to feel good on the outside unless you feel good on the inside,” Campbell said. “Community is so powerful that we knew that by bringing more people together, the more that we could really help and do. When you come together, you become so much more powerful and connected as a tribe. And I think we have gotten so far away that, it was time to bring it all back together… we have all the beauty treatments you need and also are incorporating so much spirituality, yoga, breath work, meditation, reiki and acupuncture, to be able to fuel our emotional bodies, our spiritual bodies, our physical bodies and it’s just been a dream unfolding, with a lot of challenges but the community is building and growing. People are coming in and knocking on our doors looking and seeking for a spiritual place to be...we are a beacon of light.”
Blissful Alchemists isn’t just one individual business, it’s a collective of businesses and brands, housing 20 diverse and brilliantly talented women.

“Giving women the power to create their own financial freedom, I think that is a huge thing. We have over 20 women in here and over half of them are their own business owners. When you come together you can thrive. When you can lean on one another. Being solo I think can be so lonely and being in the entrepreneurship world can be lonely, so you feel like you are crazy and you feel like you can’t do it. When you are connected to people who are experiencing the same things, it can be beneficial,” Campbell said of why the space is important to her and the community.

There are still 7 spaces available for rent and those interested should inquire onsite. Campbell’s passion for helping other women be successful business owners extends far beyond creating Blissful Alchemists. She also has a clothing line, Babes Support Babes, that completely funds sick, family and maternity leave for those women in the collective. The hope is for the brand to expand and allow Campbell to fund other women business owners.

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