431745359 810268211144742 772912400294229527 nThe 10th Annual Power and Water Conservation Expo will be held on March 22 at Skyview on Hay Street. Hosted by Fayetteville’s PWC, the event will focus on educating the local community on PWC’s goals and services.

From 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., the Skyview on Hay Street will be bustling with booths, demonstrations and PWC employees who will help you better understand your local utility company.

“You get to see lineman demonstrations, you get to talk to customer programs, customer service, you can bring your bill and we can talk to you about your bill and your usage. We’ll have conservation giveaways; LED lightbulbs, shower timers; things to help customers save time and money. You can also sign up to have the portal for your bill and e-bill,” said Alexandra Hasapis, PWC.

Focused on the conservation of water and electricity in our area, the expo plans to have local professionals guide attendees through the process of more efficiently using the city’s allotted water and electricity. This is not only to lower utility bills but also to avoid the overuse of these limited resources in the community. Educating the community on how to avoid wasteful use and helping to better manage what is already used is crucial to sustaining the quality of lifestyle the city and its inhabitants are used to.
Another focus is pipes in homes. The Fayetteville PWC will also be handing out what they call “fat trappers” at the event as part of their “Cease the Grease” initiative.

“Cease the Grease” aims to cut down on the potential stoppages, back-ups, and clogs caused by improper waste disposal of congealed fluids and solids such as grease, fat, lard, and more. These “fat trappers” will work as secondary disposal methods that can be reused as an alternative to pouring your grease down the drain. This small preventative measure has a significant impact on a home’s plumbing system and can help avoid a costly call for pipe replacement, repairs or cleaning.

“We’ll also have grease traps, or fat trappers at the event for attendees. You know, everyone has a grease can at their house. These are cans with reusable bags in them, and we give those out to customers for free if they need them,” explained Hasapis.

A day of fun, education and conservation is planned for the whole family. Fayetteville’s PWC invites the entire community out to learn more about what they can do for their homes, utility bills, and the future of the city’s resources.

Children are welcome at the event and are encouraged to engage with the presentations to further their understanding of the importance of conservation and how the things they use every day are designed, developed, and implemented so that they may have a better understanding of the world around them.

The event will take place on Friday, March 22nd, at Skyview on Hay, located at 121 Hay Street. For more information, please visit the event page at https://www.faypwc.com/Pwc-Expo/ or view the Fayetteville PWC’s homepage at https://www.faypwc.com/ for more ways you can take control of your utility usage.

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