296745339 2843173609160875 2396867419178439648 nThe Veterans Empowering Veterans 1st Annual Craft Fair will be held March 23, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
The Veterans Empowering Veterans organization is helping put on a fundraiser featuring local crafters, artists and veterans to support homeless veterans and those in need within the community.

Being hosted at The Palace off Clinton Road, the event will be a chance for those interested in aiding the fight against homelessness for veterans to meet some of the people affected by it and give back to those who took the oath to serve their country against all enemies foreign and domestic.

“It’s a fundraiser by Veterans Empowering Veterans. The organization works within Cumberland County helping homeless and low-income veterans. We assist with everything from housing to clothing and food, to resumes and finding jobs,” said Christina Elder about the fundraising event.

The event will have concessions and liaisons for Veterans Empowering Veterans for attendees, organizers and veterans alike. The community is encouraged to reach out and help with the event.

Elder also spoke about the fundraiser’s purpose in how it aims to support their goal within the community. “We’re hoping to raise money to keep the programs we already have in place going. We offer a lot of services to veterans in the community - helping find housing and employment- we have group sessions for them, host various events throughout the year, as well as hygiene aid. Any money that we’re able to raise through this craft fair will help in sustaining those programs throughout the next year.”

Vendors and artists who would like to be at the event in an official capacity are invited to reach out to event organizers via phone at 910-223-3213 or 910-237-4257 to get involved. Tables are starting at $75, and vendors will be able to keep all profits made from their sales at the fundraiser.

All proceeds from donations, concessions and money raised through the event will go directly to help support local veterans in need throughout the greater Cumberland County area. It is important now more than ever that we come together as a community to support one another when we are in need or at our lowest.

The Veterans Empowering Veterans 1st Annual Craft Fair is a wonderful opportunity to engage with local veterans suffering in the community and to understand more about their problems and what they need to recover.

Attendees can support the growth of the community by supporting its most vulnerable peoples in their trying times.

If you or a loved one has been in the armed forces, Veterans Empowering Veterans invites you to come out to the event as a show of support for others who may be suffering from experiences you can help with.

Veterans Empowering Veterans organizer Beth Koraska ended by stressing the importance of coming out to support and donate at this year’s upcoming fundraiser, “Anybody who served their country should never be homeless or in a position where they are in need in the community. Veterans Empowering Veterans tries to do everything they can to negate those adverse conditions.”

The event will take place on March 23 at The Palace Catering and Event Center, 1418 Clinton Rd.

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