11This April 13, local automotive detailing shop Flawless Touch Detailing will be celebrating the move to its new location at 250 West Russell Street, Suite 102.
Owner Stanley Jacobs started his business to be a mobile car detailing service that would drive out to their customers on appointment. However, after he started his business, he focused on stabilizing his company by developing its headquarters location at the main shop. With the continual growth and success of his brand, Jacobs expressed his want to bring back and re-implement this mobile detailing service for the Fayetteville and Cumberland County area.
“People really like being in the comfort of their own home. You can call your barber to come cut your hair. Think of how great it would be to just relax at home while somebody comes and cleans your car. That’d be awesome, I’d love that,” Jacobs said. “People still come in, but a lot of people miss the mobile. I want to get back to that.”
Dealership corrections and repairs can be costly, but auto detailing services offer a cheaper and more specialized service for automotive care and maintenance.
Jacobs credits his current expertise with auto detailing to his time spent working at a car dealership when he first moved to Fayetteville from Lumberton. While Flawless Touch offers ceramic coating, paint protection and window detailing as well, Jacobs says the foundation of car cleaning is paramount to properly developing the fundamentals for professional and expert automotive detailing.
“We do a lot of interior details. That’s definitely what I started with. A lot of these up-and-coming people, they want to go straight into paint correction and ceramic coating, because ‘Oh that’s the big one.’ But if you don’t know how to clean a car, you don’t have any business touching the paint. That is when mistakes start to happen. There are a lot of bad things that can go wrong with a paint correction. When I started off, that’s all I did: clean dirty cars,” expressed Jacobs.
The main thing Jacobs believes sets him and his business apart is their commitment to customer service. Having a vast resume with multiple vocations, Jacobs says his belief in the importance of customer service is directly linked to his personal experience over the years.
“The way I try to stand out is customer service,” Jacobs said. “I do believe that the customer is always right. A lot of people don’t believe in that anymore; they’ve gotten away from that. Most jobs I’ve worked all dealt with customer service in some way. I’ve worked for Orkin, Walmart, and been a cable man, so I know how to deal with customers. Sometimes you can’t please everybody, but still, that doesn’t give me the right to lash out at a customer. They’re a paying customer, and I’ll always try to work with them to get them exactly what they paid for.”
Jacobs warned readers to steer clear of the do-it-yourself videos and clips found on social media on the internet. He stressed the importance of always vetting who you’re getting your information from, and ensure it’s a legitimate professional in the automotive industry.
The grand reopening event will be taking place at the shop’s new location on West Russell St. While normally open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., the celebration will start at 1 p.m. and go on into the night, finally ending at 8 p.m. Jacobs said there will be music, cool cars to look at, vendors, free t-shirts, cornhole and food trucks. For more information about the grand reopening, vendor spots, or car display, please visit the Flawless Touch Detailing website at https://flawlesstouchdetailingnc.com/ or call 910-987-8093.

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