With the spring season comes many things. From spring cleaning to camping, there are yearly things we all do throughout our daily lives. This year, like many before it, the local Masonic Temple Kindah Temple No. 62 is hosting its annual Spring Ceremonial.
Happening April 13th, a fezzing ceremony and night of celebration for the individuals being honored will be taking place. Up & Coming Weekly was able to sit down with Assistant Rabban Adrian Davis and Oriental Guide Shakoor Mitchner to learn more about the local temple, the masonic lodge, fezzing, and other exciting things about the pseudo-secretive nature of the Freemasons and Shriners.
The Kinda Temple No. 62’s Spring Ceremonial is a great opportunity to support the local Masonic Temple and meet the people involved in many community projects. The temple is itself deeply involved in community outreach projects and events on a regular basis.
Charity, fundraising, and youth engagement are some of the core tenets found in the basis of membership at the local temple and in most Freemason temples and Shriner lodges. One such event is the PTSD Awareness Motorcycle event the group has coming up on June 8th, with the proceeds going back to the Wounded Warrior Project.
“We also sponsor Ferguson-Easley Elementary School and work with the kids year-round with mentorship programs, easter egg hunts, Halloween trick or treats, and scholarships at the end of the year. We also sponsor young gentlemen and ladies on how to begin their journey through adolescence and present themselves in a way that garners respect and makes them feel confident.”
The Freemasons and Shriners pride themselves on being an organization focused on the continual improvement of the community. Through determined and focused efforts, the groups curate their members and offer developmental opportunities to one another in the pursuit of accumulating the skills, knowledge, and resources to fund and execute plans both large-scale and local to implement positive change within their communities. But how can someone get involved with their local temple?
“There are qualifications any individual must meet to join. There are important things to learn. Like any organization they need to understand the foundation of that group that they’re choosing to be a part of, what we do, the different groups within our local temple, and to let them get a feel for who they’ll be around and understand why these individuals set their feet in the community and strive to better things.”
Those being honored can have their fezzes donned by their friends, family, wives, or other loved ones. You may have noticed that we have yet to mention who exactly is being fezzed.
This is intentional, as the identities of those being fezzed at the Spring Ceremonial will remain hidden until the night of celebration to all but those directly involved in their leadership and individual training; a way to entice the local community to find out for themselves who they’ve deemed to have done the necessary community and self-work to earn the honor of donning their fez.
However, Davis and Mitchner were able to tell U&CW that ten individuals will be receiving their fezzes at the ceremony and they believe they were confident in presenting the best they have to offer to the community regarding the individuals being fezzed.
“When it comes to this Spring Ceremonial, to me it’s like a once-in-a-lifetime celebration. It’s like graduating high school; you only get one time to do so. There are certain elements in life where achievements are met and goals are set for someone, and those moments are a great thing. But within all of it, you can have all the different organizations, but with us, it is about what ‘you’ can bring with you. We aren’t just a ‘goody boys club.’ Everyone pays their dues in giving back. Quality over quantity is a frequent motto,” said Mitchner.
The pair invite the community out to this year’s Spring Ceremonial and fezzing at Kindah Temple No. 62 with the great pleasure of presenting their newest Shriners. Tickets start at $20 and are available through Assistant Rabban Adrian Davis or Oriental Guide Shakoor Mitchner.
To attend please call them at 910-587-3434 or 910-760-1136. The dress code is business casual, and the festivities will run from 8 p.m. to midnight. Clifford Duell Masonic Lodge #756, where the event is taking place, is located at 2860 Village Drive.
For more on how to get involved, reach out to Assistant Rabban Adrian Davis or Oriental Guide Shakoor Mitchner for more information.

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