13In a much-anticipated event, the beloved Little River Band is gearing up to play at the Crown Theatre at 7:30 p.m. on Saturday, May 4. Fans and rock enthusiasts alike are eager to welcome their favorite band into Fayetteville while on their 2024 American tour. After gracing states like Florida, Washington, and West Virginia, LRB sets their sights on North Carolina. Don’t miss your chance to see rock legends Wayne Nelson, Chris Marion, Ryan Ricks, Colin Whinnery, and Bruce Wallace in person.
LRB was founded in Melbourne, Australia in 1975 by musicians who already enjoyed success in other rock acts over the previous years. The name “Little River Band” comes from a road sign for the Victorian township of Little River. LRB was the first Australian rock band to have sustained commercial success in America.
The late Glenn Frey, founder of The Eagles, called Little River Band “the best singing band in the world,” and their chart-topping songs prove that he was right. LRB celebrated multi-platinum albums and chart breaking hits through the 70s and 80s such as “Cool Change,” “Reminiscing,” “The Night Owls,” “Take It Easy On Me,” and tons more. Their song, “Reminiscing” has even garnered a rare title of having over 5 million air plays on American radio.
Stephen Housden, LRB’s rock-style guitarist, has retired from touring, but encourages and helps out his bandmates while they do. LRB continues to play for sold-out audiences while, according to their website, Housden “continues to write and participate in all things Little River Band.”
The current lineup in LRB includes keyboardist and Dove Award-winning producer Chris Marion, singer-songwriter and guitarist Bruce Wallace, drummer and vocalist Ryan Ricks, and lead guitarist Colin Whinnery. Alongside those four, Wayne Nelson, who joined the band in 1980, quickly became the band’s frontman with bass and lead vocals in 1999.
Bringing their classic hits and love of music around the world, Little River Band is no stranger to performing. Although they started in Australia, their initial focus was to get airplay on American radio. LRB easily achieved that goal with amazing songwriting and insane musical skills. Alongside the previously mentioned song “Reminiscing,” “Lady” follows close behind in American airplay with over 4 million airplays.
In 1981, Wayne Nelson was recognized by the world-renowned Sir George Martin, a producer for the Beatles. Martin chose Nelson to record vocals on two of the band’s biggest songs, “The Night Owls” and “Take It Easy On Me.”
Stephen Housden joined LRB that same year and was a big contributor to their string of top-10 hits.
Although none of the founding members still work with Little River Band, Nelson has been with the band for over 40 years. The band member’s commitment and love of music keep both themselves and their fans lively and excited for every show.
At the annual ARIA Music Awards in 2004, Little River Band was placed into the Australian Recording Industry Association Hall of Fame.
Whether you’re a long-time fan or new to their music, don’t miss your chance to see Little River Band!
For more information, events, tickets, and pricing, visit reallittleriverband.com or by visiting the Crown Complex’s website at https://www.crowncomplexnc.com/events/detail/little-river-band.

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