17Are you daydreaming about embarking on a fantastical adventure this summer? Look no further than Flight and Fables, the ultimate travel agency specializing in fantasy destinations. Whether you're a fan of The Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, or Outlander, Flight and Fables can make your wildest travel fantasies come true.
Meet Rocky Dimico, owner and travel agent for Flights and Fables. His love for fantasy books and movies, like Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter, has led him to amazing locations.
"It occurred to me that I wanted to find a way to share this amazing experience with others, and the idea of Flights and Fables was born,” Dimico said.
Flights and Fables, whose motto is "Turning Imaginations into Dream Vacations" has been up and running for a little over 8 months. Flights and Fables is a comprehensive travel agency that focuses on providing exceptional services for fantasy travel experiences in Europe and New Zealand. However, if individuals have a different destination in mind, the agency will make every effort to accommodate their preferences.
“We really want to help people discover a whole new way to travel,” said Dimico.
There's something undeniably enchanting about the idea of stepping into a world where dragons soar above castles, and ancient forests hold secrets in their shadows. Fantasy locations ignite our wanderlust because they invite us into narratives where the extraordinary is part of the everyday. Imagine swapping your morning coffee for a potion brewed in a wizard’s cauldron, or trading your car keys for a ride on a griffon. These fictional realms, from the mystical valleys of Middle-Earth to the formidable fortresses of Westeros, not only captivate our imagination but also stir a deep desire to explore and adventure.
Flights and Fables has previously organized a variety of dream getaways. These have encompassed Lord of the Rings-themed journeys to New Zealand, Harry Potter-inspired expeditions to London and Scotland, and fantastical excursions exploring Vikings in Scandinavia, Vampires in Romania, as well as castles and fairytales in Europe, drawing inspiration from Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast, and the works of the Grimm Brothers. In the works are Game of Thrones trips to Northern Ireland and Outlander-themed trips to Scotland.
Working with Flights and Fables on your dream vacation starts with a consultation.
“With most clients, they schedule a free 45-minute consultation with me, and we discuss things like their personal travel experience, details about the trip they have in mind, things they enjoy, hobbies, interests, etc. Then we go over the process of working together. For example, how much we’ll stay in contact, preferred contact method, turnaround time on sample itineraries, and things of that nature. Lastly, we talk about money, so we have an understanding of their realistic budget for their trip. We do our best to work with everyone's budget, as long as it's feasible,” said Dimico.
“Once we’ve agreed to all the technical stuff, we then move on to my research phase, where I'll look at a number of different options, and then present it to them. Once we’ve agreed upon the right itinerary for them, we go into booking and after that, we stay in contact to make sure I can help them with all the details prior to their trip. Things like packing lists, useful information for the country they're visiting, requirements, and so on. I stay in touch with them every step of the way. All the way from planning, through to their return.”
Dimico lays out the many benefits to working with a travel agent as opposed to trying to book a trip yourself.
“One thing that makes travel agents special is our ability to work with inventory and having a host of suppliers at our disposal. Much of our day is spent working with other travel professionals to make sure that our clients have access to the best travel experiences. Sometimes, when a client looks to book something that’s showing as sold out, we might have access to it through our network. Not to mention, when we get to know our clients, we know which type of trip, tour, or company might be the best fit for their needs.”
Ready to leave the ordinary behind and step into tales where magic is just part of the morning routine? We asked Dimico for his recommendations to make the summer an unforgettable one starting with solo travelers.
“For a solo traveler, it would depend on their level of comfortability. For a first time solo traveler who has never left the country, I might recommend somewhere like the UK, or Ireland or Scotland. If they have experience overseas and encountering other customs, then the world is really their oyster.”
For family travelers he recommends a Harry Potter themed vacation or a fairytale style vacation in Europe. And for summer planning?
“There are many amazing spots to head to this summer. Most people look to capitalize on great weather or kids and teachers being out of school, so they choose to travel during the summer months. Popular places in the summer tend to be Northern Europe to help escape the heat. Scandinavian countries, the United Kingdom and Iceland are all popular places.”
“I also do tend to recommend clients stay away from some areas. So for example, certain destinations are in the rainy season in the middle of summer, while places like New Zealand and Australia are in Winter. For people who are interested in Japan, might find that it is too hot and humid for their liking. A big one to stay away from this summer is Paris. With the summer Olympics in full swing, many of the roads, airports and hotels are going to be jam-packed, restaurants and tourist sites will be crowded and priced higher than normal.”
Dimico confesses that he does have a personal favorite destination.
“My favorite trip by far is New Zealand. I have visited 59 countries and lived in 6 different countries. Hands down, New Zealand is my favorite. Whether it's the Lord of the Rings sites, the diversity of the landscape, the peacefulness, there is just so much that makes New Zealand great. But, I’ve had many amazing vacations all over the world, but that one just stands out the most.”
Let Flight and Fables be your guide to realms where history, fantasy, and breathtaking landscapes merge. Whether your heart yearns for the rugged beauty of Scottish highlands or the mystical lands of Middle-Earth, their enchanted travel plans are your gateway. With Flights and Fables, every detail is a brushstroke in the masterpiece of your adventure. So, why settle for the mundane when a world of wonder awaits? Dust off your map, the realms of fantasy beckon for your arrival. Adventure is not just calling—it’s practically sending a raven! Embark on an incredible journey and make your summer one for the storybooks.
If you would like to meet Flights and Fables in person and chat about your storybook vacation they will be out this summer at the following locations:
This summer, they’re doing a 3 part series with the Lee County Library as part of their Adventure in Reading where they will focus on travel education. The dates are:
• June 17: Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter Travel
• July 15: Fairytales and Castle Adventures
• August 19: Vikings and Vampires Travel Vacations.
On August 17, Flights and Fables will be at POP! Con in Sanford, which is part Comic Con and part Renaissance Faire.
On Sept. 21, they'll be a part of Festa Italiana, the Italian American Festival in Raleigh/Apex, where they will offer ideas for Food and Wine, Historical and Genealogy trips to Italy.
Be sure to also check out their website at: https://www.flightsandfables.com/

(Photo: One of Flights and Fables' trips can be to New Zealand to check out the location of Hobbiton from the Lord of the Rings. Photo courtesy of Rocky Dimico)


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