90sMost of us know where we were when we heard a song for the first time, whether it was in high school at prom or on the radio before there was XM and we were still pressing record to make mix tapes. 

Back in the 90s, it was all about “Push It,” “Ice Ice Baby” and “Bust a Move,” so anyone who wants to relive those days and dance all night, join the Love the ‘90s Tour on Friday, July 15 at the Crown Coliseum!

Bringing back the dance hits of the day are headliners Vanilla Ice and Salt-N-Pepa as well as All 4 One, Kid N Play, Coolio and Young MC. 

“I Swear,” first a country hit with John Michael Montgomery, brought All 4 One into the spotlight and earned their band accolades with Grammy and American Music Awards. I had the opportunity to talk with Jamie Jones, the lead singer of R&B/pop group All 4 One, about their upcoming tour participation for the following Q&A session.

UCW: How did this tour come about? 

JONES: It was as easy as getting a phone call from our agent asking if we were interested and we were! This is the first time we’ve performed with these great artists although we’ve seen them at awards shows and around. Salt-N-Pepa actually presented us with our award at the American Music Awards.

UCW: Have you stayed in touch over the years?  

JONES: We actually have been together for 23 years touring non-stop in the states and overseas, with all four original members. We’ve been told that is a rare feat and we are honored to have been able to perform all of these years.

UCW: What are you most excited about with the tour? 

JONES: I love the nostalgia and the good memories that music brings. It brings back specific memories, music will attach itself, you remember what you were wearing, where you were… and with all of the craziness that is going on in the world, this is an amazing escape to give to the audience. It creates an amazing energy through the building.

UCW: What should your fans expect? 

JONES: Our fans should expect a really good time, feeling those emotions from falling in love to letting loose. We’re here to stir up nostalgia and get those good vibes going again.

UCW: Tell me about your new song and the Bachelorette experience. 

JONES: This album 20+ is our latest and it is always cool to record. The new song, “Now that We’re Together,” was a personal song for me — my mom passed away in 2009 — and it’s about a couple affected by Alzheimer’s. Writing that song was a creative outlet for me, but more so I feel like it helps others connect through the music. And the Bachelorette experience was a lot of fun. We didn’t realize how many people would be impacted until we saw our Facebook page and the comments about how many people get together and have Bachelorette viewing parties. 

We debuted our new video and I think people will be excited about our new album. It has 14 completely new songs and six of our hits re-recorded including a duet with John Michael Montgomery. It’s a look at the journey from where we’ve been and as we get older, the way we look at life changes. Even looking at our music, for me personally, the things I was writing about then, like falling in love, was through life in a different lens. We all see things differently now, 20 plus years later.

UCW: Have any special words for your fans here? 

JONES: Yes, we hope you have a great time and we can’t wait to see
you, Fayetteville!

The Love the ‘90s tour tickets are on sale. Tickets range in price from $33 to $70, depending on seat and package at www.capefeartix.com. For more information, visit www.crowncomplexnc.com.

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