11SURGEWhen Jordon Rosas was in high school, he used to daydream about a place where teens could gather for good clean fun — a place for dancing and talking and hanging out. It would be a place where everyone felt welcome and people could be themselves while having a good time. Rosas is 24 now, and he believes more strongly than ever that Fayetteville needs a place like the one he dreamed about in high school. So he opened one — Club Surge, located at 2000 Owen Drive.

While Club Surge has been hosting events for several months, it is now, as of April 8, open to the public. Designed for patrons ages 13-18, Club Surge has two VIP levels and offers a variety of effects, including UV lights, glow lights, black lights, glow bands, glow sticks and black light bubbles to create a lively atmosphere.

“Kids always want to do parties,” said Rosas. “I had property and we had a bonfire there one night. We had a big turnout and I thought it would be neat if we could do this regularly.” 

He decided to make his dream from high school a reality. “I worked hard to put a business plan together and decided it was time to make it happen,” he said.

The most important thing to Rosas was making sure the space he created would be a place people would be comfortable and want to socialize. In today’s age of electronics and digital devices, Rosas wanted to give people a place to connect on a more personal level — face to face. “This is a social environment. It is designed for people to come listen to music and meet new people,” he said. “I have a lot of comfortable furniture and the VIP sections have servers that will bring soda and water for people to drink. My DJ does a really good job of playing songs that get people on the dance floor. Kids like to stay on phones, etc., I am trying to get them back to interacting with each other. They are always on social media and that is kind what surge is about — making new friends. I believe this generation has a love of music and dancing.”

To keep things fun, Rosas knows it is important to keep his patrons safe, so he has prioritized that. No drugs, alcohol or weapons are permitted on or near the club’s property. This is also a non-smoking club. The on-site security team is there to ensure everyone can have a good time in a fun and safe environment. No backpacks or large purses are allowed. Patrons are scanned with  a security  wand by the security team and bags are checked upon entry. There is a coat check area for guests to store their coats and bags. Rosas added that all customers must have a state or school-issued ID. Memberships are available, but are not required. Visit https://www.clubsurge.com/ to find out more.

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