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Christian 107.3 loves new artists. We love beefing up our playlists, keeping them as fresh as possible — adding new music weekly, peppering in independent artists, all while playing the hits you know and love. 

Nestled among well-known artists is recently-debuted 17-year-old Tori Harper, based in Nashville,Tennessee. 

This singer/songwriter is exceptionally wise for such a young mind, as evident in her premier single, “After Dark.” Her hauntingly sweet voice is matched with passion and vigor, pouring out wisdom beyond her years as she lovingly offers comfort and hope to a friend in need in this new tune. 

In September of last year, Tori’s friend confided in her that his family discovered his sister was dealing with a severe eating disorder. Tori couldn’t believe it. This girl she knew was so joyful and beautiful. How could someone who seemed so happy be living under such a heavy weight?

 Then it hit her. Her friend’s pain was her pain. Tori had also been through dark times over the past couple of years, searching for acceptance and love. She had made some bad choices and found herself very hurt and in deep pain from rejection. 

“I just felt alone, like no one saw me — but, especially, I felt like God didn’t see me,” she said. “I knew He existed, and I believed He was working in other people’s lives. I just felt like I’d come to this place where He didn’t want to have anything to do with my life.” 

That night, Tori got out her journal and poured out her heart for her friend. She considered how we all wear masks, hiding the pain that’s right beneath the surface. Tori’s journal entry became the lyrics to “After Dark,” where she compared what God said is true to the lies her friend believed about herself. 

Tori heard recently that her generation is one of the most stressed, anxiety-ridden, addicted generations ever seen. She believes when lies and dark places cloud God’s truth, we must speak the word of God over our lives and declare who He says we are — that He has created us uniquely in His image, and can help others to see the same in themselves. 

Tori wrote “After Dark” to remind her friend and herself that “There is life after sadness/There is hope after madness/There is joy after a broken heart/ and there’s light after the dark.”

Want to hear this song? Give us a call at (910) 764-1073 and make your request, or submit it online at Christian107.com. 

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