10AuthenticityOn Oct. 14, the 2017 Authenticity Professional Women’s Retreat is set to take place at Ramada Plaze. Daphne B. Latimore, event hostess and founder of DB Latimore, chatted with Up & Coming Weekly about the event.

UCW: What takes place at Authenticity Professional Women’s Retreats?

DBL: The Authenticity Professional Women’s Retreat is a full day starting with a continental breakfast. We kick off the retreat with Jazzercise to help us to get energized and to discover techniques that allow us to incorporate exercise into our daily activities.

We will have seven sessions. Our moderator, Kim Gray, will lead us through the day where we will explore the dimensions of wellness. We will have four main sessions coupled with fun-filled breakout sessions all designed to enlighten, engage and energize. We will have a networking buffet luncheon with a keynote presentation. We conclude the day with a networking reception to allow participants to network with our presenters.

UCW: Why are events like this important?

DBL: As women, we embody a number of roles, personally, professionally and publicly. The Authenticity Retreat is designed as a space for women to explore leading an integrated lifestyle. As such, it is important for us to take time out to reconnect with ourselves, reintegrate the personal with the professional and enjoy the company of like-minded women. For this reason, we were inspired to create the Authenticity Professional Women’s retreat.

UCW: Are there special speakers/ presenters?

DBL: All our speakers are dynamic. We are excited to feature three local speakers from Fayetteville — Coach Billie Crutcher, Dr. Tracey Jackson and best-selling author Suzetta Perkins.

It is very important that we include local presenters in our retreats so that our attendees might continue the experience after the retreat with professionals that will assist them on their professional journey of Authenticity. We are excited that Christina Eanes, a mother of a soldier stationed at Fort Bragg and a renowned author and coach, takes us on the journey to achieve more in life.

UCW: What can attendees expect at this event?

DBL: Individuals can expect open and honest dialogue coupled with tools that can be immediately incorporated into our day-to-day lives.

UCW: What led you to found DB Latimore?

DBL: DB Latimore Professional Services Group was founded to allow individuals and organizations to maximize workforce productivity. We do this through individual, group and team coaching, management consulting and retreats such as the Authenticity Professional Women’s Retreat.

Our hummingbird logo represents the potential agility of any workforce. We support the belief that minor adjustments to the way work is defined and delivered will improve the productivity. The hummingbird possesses the innate ability to adjust quickly to any situation by shifting its wings in motion either forward, backward, by hovering and, when necessary, upside down. Our methodology allows you to embed this ability within your life and experience significant gains in productivity and performance.

UCW: What is something you wish every woman understood about herself and her life path?

DBL: That each of us is different. Our life plan is a journey, and how we manage that journey will enable us to live a fulfilling life. It is important that we as women know that our lives are integrated and that we must tend to each dimension: physical, spiritual, occupational, social, intellectual and environmental.

UCW: Who/what inspires you in your career and your life?

DBL: I am most inspired by my mother who raised seven children, worked full time, supported her marriage and maintained social relationships. My husband/co-owner has been very inspirational, supportive and encouraging of my life’s journey.

Find out more at www.dblatimore.com.


PHOTO: Daphne B. Latimore


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