10L. Wayne SmallsWhen L. Wayne Smalls retired from the military, he was ready for a change. “I tried to figure out what I could do to help others,” he said. In the end, he decided on teambuilding and motivational speaking. That’s how L. Wayne Smalls & Associates, LLC came to be. Saturday, March 3, at the Greater Fayetteville Chamber of Commerce, the community is invited to a book signing that will include an evening of entertainment and inspiration – the L.I.D. Experience. L.I.D. stands for leadership, inspiration and development, and according to Smalls, there will be plenty of all three at the event.

While this is billed as a book signing, Smalls said it’s not going to be like typical book signings: “There will be food, presentations, a vocalist, performances and more. I love being able to help people and inspire them to be greater than what they are and help them see that there is more to life. There is always something we can do to become better.”

L. Wayne Smalls & Associates, LLC is a leadership training company. Smalls is the author of Amazon best-seller “Called to Be a Soldier” and “Leader Lifestylez: Living a Successful Life with Purpose.” He and his cohorts help individuals and organizations improve their overall effectiveness. Smalls specializes in leadership. He is a John Maxwell certified speaker, trainer and coach. Chief administrator is Loyda Smalls. Genise Barber is an author as well and is the group’s inspiration guru. Dr. John L. Godbolt, also an author, specializes in development. The group offers workshops, seminars, empowerment sessions, mastermind groups, keynote and motivational speeches and teambuilding exercises.

“This is a movement I envisioned where we teach people how to be better leaders and how to become leaders,” said Smalls. “We empower, enable and enhance.”

In that spirit, attendees to the L.I.D. Experience will receive free books written by Smalls, Barber and Godbolt. “Everyone will get one book from each author,” said Smalls. “There will be giveaways, food, a band performance, and at the end, we will do the signing of the books. It is not your average book signing. I want people to understand this is not just a book signing event – it is where people come to better themselves and grow together. We all have room to grow. We all have something to offer. And we can’t forget to reach back and help others.”

Smalls added that several local politicians are expected to be in attendance, including local city council members. “Larry Wright will be there to introduce me,” he said.

Tickets cost $40 per person. The event runs from 1-4:30 p.m. and takes place at 100 Hay St. For more information, call 910-566-0236 or visit www.lwaynesmalls.com.

Photo: L. Wayne Small

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