12 Motorcycle Article Deep Creek ATV ParkFinally, there is a place close to Fayetteville that is built for ATVs and dirt bikes. 

A few weeks ago, my friend Matt put out a call to go to the new Deep Creek ATV Park. 

The morning of the trip, the weatherman said it was going to be a nice, cool day. The plan was simple. We were to meet at Hardee’s on Ramsey Street, eat breakfast and head out. I met my friends Rick and Ryan there, but as usual, Matt was a no show. Yes, I just dimed Matt out in print for not showing for his own event. 

As we pulled into the park, I was impressed with how much land there was. We went into the office and met Susan, who signed us in and gave us maps and information about the park. The park has camping, showers and a concession stand. 

Our friend Bill had trailered his dirt bike there, and we went to join him. The clouds began to turn dark, and rain began to fall. Ryan was new to off-road riding and decided that with his street tires on his dualsport bike, this could be a little more ambitious than his ability, so he decided to head back home. 

After gearing up, we headed out. We quickly came to the tunnel that goes under Slocomb Road. The tunnel had water in it, but the floor of the tunnel was perfect for riding through. As we came out of the tunnel, we hit the trails. The trails were wide and well-marked. Areas were clearly marked with stops and various areas with cool names like Cook Pits, TT’s Sand Bar, Peanuts Peak and 5/30 Pit Stop. 

The rain began to pour, and my helmet began to fog up. The trails began to fill with water as the landscape dropped down to the Cape Fear River. 

Being the only riders dumb enough to be out in that downpour, I think we had the park all to ourselves. I loved having lots of trees around me. We spent a few hours out there, and to be honest, it was considered one of the best riding days we had had in a long time. 

The park is located on Slocomb Road in Linden, just north of the Goodyear plant.

For more information, call Deep Creek ATV Park at 910-929-0658 or visit www.deepcreekatv.com.

If there is a topic that you would like to discuss, you can contact me at motorcycle4fun@aol.com. RIDE SAFE!


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