It is that time of year to start getting your Christmas gifts together. If you need some good gift ideas for the rider in your life, let me help. Here are a few ideas.

A “Free Pass” to ride is cheap, easy and shows a lot of love. Yes, give your loved one a free pass to let them go riding any time they want. All they have to do is pull out your note, and all you have to do is kiss them goodbye and tell them to be safe. Price: Priceless!

It is incredible how many times I’ve had to use my multipurpose tool. I’ve used it for everything from removing a nail from my tire to cutting a cable. A good motorcycle multi-tool should have a file or hacksaw in the event to you have to cut something away (like a cable). You also need to be able to file a piece of metal down or pull a nail out of your tire while on the road.

Both Leatherman and Gerber make quality tools. Shown here is the Gerber Legend Multi-Plier 800 with Berry Compliant Sheath. You can get it for around $140 at most outdoor stores.

One thing to remember when choosing a tool is quality. There are a lot of cheaper brands out there, but there is nothing worse than breaking a tool when you need it the most.

The Go Cruise is one of the most innovated throttle locks on the market. It boasts a brilliant design and installation that usually takes less than one minute. It clips onto your throttle; you just rotate it up against the brake lever, and you are hands-free. You can get it on Amazon. com starting at $32.

One of my favorite biker-related accessories is the Bison Designs Paracord X-Stream Survival Pod keychain. This keychain is a useful, non-intrusive accessory; when you’re not using it, you will not even notice you have it. The bright orange paracord is easy to see and fits in your pocket without the bulge created by a keychain.

This keychain is great for bikers who are prone to dropping or misplacing their keys. It is easy to spot and does not beat up the paint on a bike.

The keychain also comes with a fishing-oriented survival stash of 16 useful outdoor items wrapped in a handy paracord pod with carabineer clip. Tools include carabineer, sharp eye knife, flint, fire starter, tinder, tape, needle, lure/bait hooks, split shot fishing line and a snare wire hacksaw. These critical items could help your loved one in survival situations where they may not have any help around.

Space is always a problem on a bike, and hygiene is of the utmost necessity on a long trip. For all cleaning and hygiene needs, look no further than Dr. Bronner’s 18-in-1 Pure- Castile Soaps. This soap is suitable for just about any cleaning task. Face, body, hair, food, dishes, laundry, mopping, pets — clean your house and body with no synthetic preservatives, detergents or foaming agents — none.

I have used this this product for decades and still carry it in my overnight bag. Even a small bottle can last a week. Just remember to dilute! You can find Dr. Bronner’s at just about any store that has camping gear or at GNC.

One of my favorite publications is Road Runner magazine. This magazine is North Carolina based and is well-rounded with loads of information. It covers beautiful routes and equipment and clothing reviews and much more. It comes complete with online access to maps and GPS routes. You can pick up a subscription at for $29.95 a year.

If there is a topic that you would like to discuss, you can contact me at RIDE SAFE!

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