12summerSchool is out. The kids can sleep late, swim in the pool, play video games and hang out with their friends. But that doesn’t mean they should stop learning. Here is a list of recommendations to ensure your child has a summer full of meaningful learning experiences.


Summertime reading is a must. Take your child to the library as often as possible during the summer months. They should read daily and answer questions for comprehension. Create a word wall and have them practice the words on a consistent basis. Make sure your child reads both fiction and nonfiction literature. You can browse the internet for free nonfiction reading websites. Children can also watch educational videos and listen to audiobooks.


It is crucial to build both reading and math into everyday activities. For example, a trip to the grocery store can be fun and educational. Make a list of items that are needed, and give your child a calculator to calculate the cost of the items. Read and follow a recipe with your child. Cooking or baking is a wonderful math lesson on measurement and following directions in sequential order. Practice math flashcards for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Summer programs

Research various summer programs and select the one that best suits your child. You want to find camps that will create an opportunity for the growth of independence in your child. Your child will learn how to interact with other children, which is an important social skill.

Educational trips

Some examples of educational trips to take with your children include the zoo, museums, a planetarium, local exhibits, a state or national park, a farm, the botanical garden, historical sites, local events, camping trips and concerts.

Vacation activities

Quality family time during summer vacation is important, too. This is the perfect opportunity to spend time together doing the things you love the most. When you return from your vacation, encourage your child to write in his or her journal about their favorite things that happened during the trip.

Healthy conversations

Learning begins at home. It is important for parents to have healthy conversations with their children. Teach them to say good morning when they wake up in the morning and enter the classroom and/or front office. Teach them to say please and thank you. Consistent conversation is the key to promoting children’s language development. We want our future leaders to know how to effectively communicate with others.


Children learn through play. Limit their screen time this summer, and allow them to do the things we did as kids — like ride their bicycle, play hideand- seek, make mud pies, play dodgeball and kickball, set up a tent in the backyard, and run and get wet in the water sprinkler.

Have a safe and happy summer!

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