11 julio rionaldo xIoze9dH4WI unsplashThe Fayetteville Symphony Orchestra’s “In Their Footsteps” concert is one that will be a classic and a performance the whole famioy can enjoy.
The concert will take place at Huff Concert Hall at Methodist University on March 7. The performance starts at 7:30 p.m.

During this performance, the audience will experience the skills of the symphony’s talented musicians and travel with them and the Fayetteville Symphony Youth Orchestra as they walk in the footsteps of classical composers and even a North Carolina composer.

What started in 1956 as a simple orchestra has expanded into an incredible group of musicians that performs all across the community of Fayetteville. The mission of the orchestra is to educate, entertain and inspire the citizens of Fayetteville, North Carolina as the region’s leading musical resource.

Before the concert, a preshow talk will take place. This preshow talk will be a formal interview done by the Music Nerd,  Dr. Joshua Busman.

Jesse Hughes is the executive director of the Fayetteville Symphony Orchestra. When asked about the preshow talk that will take place beforehand, he said “ It’s an informal interview that involves Dr. Joshua Busman who is a professor of composition at the University of North Carolina at Pembroke. The purpose of it is to give the audience insight into the lives of musicians from a practical standpoint. In other words, he will interview some of the musicians and ask them how did they prepare for a concert or for a particular concert, when they became interested in music and at what age, and things like that, and establish a connection with the audience.”

About the theme, Hughes said, “The theme was programmed by our musical director. It pays homage to great composers that have gone before. It’s a combined program that combines the Fayetteville Symphony Orchestra and the Fayetteville Symphony Youth Orchestra. So, it is basically the young following in the footsteps of the old.”
Composer Hector Berlioz takes center stage this performance. “First off, the concert is going to focus on a composer named Hector Berlioz. Mr. Berlioz is a well known classical composer, so its basically paying homage to his work. Also, that first half is going to feature a composition by a North Carolina native, Jacob Hensen, who is currently pursuing his master’s degree at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts.”

“Then the second half of the program features music by composers based on American style music such as the Suite of Old American Dances. The type of music they are playing is called academic music. It is performed more by bands at the high school and college level. So, it is very popular in those populations.

“What makes it fun is the cultural enrichment it brings to the community, the involvement, and  the connection that is established with the orchestra and the patrons, especially when we play pieces that people can relate to.

“I think they are important because they provide cultural enrichment. It denotes the example of the accomplishment of something that requires regiment and discipline. It’s also something that captivates the community and is all inspiring.”

For information on how to buy tickets go to fayettevillesymphony.org.

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