12aThe upcoming Gilbert Theater production will induce laughter and comedy like no other play this season.

“All in the Timing” is a collection of one-act plays by David Ives, and was written between 1987 and 1993. Four of the six one-act plays will be performed at the Gilbert Theater.

Lawrence Carlisle III, the artistic director of the Gilbert Theater, is excited to showcase this production at the Gilbert. He tells Up & Coming Weekly that the comedy of these short plays are similar to sketches one would see on “Saturday Night Live.”

“Just think of it almost like a sketch show, like a sketch comedy show. They're a little longer than normal sketches, but it’s kind of quick like that or they're all pretty short. I don’t think any of them is longer than 40 minutes.”

Sandra Walker will be directing two short plays with Carlisle directing the other two. He actually was able to direct the same plays in college.

“I knew that when I got this job that I wanted to do more of them from ‘All in the Timing.’ So that was the basic reason that I put it in the season.” Carlisle said.

Carlisle says the past few productions have been more on the serious side so this sketch-like comedy is a breath of relief.

“The last couple of years and up to and including this one have been kind of a bummer. So I figure anything that I can do to bring a little levity to people I think is a good thing. We’re just coming off ‘Shakespeare Abridged,’ which was really funny. And this one is, to me, just as funny, but in a different way, because this one is a little bit more cerebral and the wordplay comedy, which ties into the title because when it's with that kind of comedy, it is all about timing.”

In “Sure Thing,” a couple on a first date has the opportunity to reset the date each time they say the wrong thing.

“Words, Words, Words” is a take on the “infinite monkey theorem,” which is the idea that given enough time, three monkeys in a room could eventually write any given text.

In “The Philadelphia,” a man discovers that he’s entered a strange pocket of the universe where the only way to get what he wants is to ask for the opposite. In the last short play, “Variations on the Death of Trotsky,” the audience is treated to the famous Marxist waxing poet dying, and dying, and dying over and over and over again.

The show will kick off on April 21, when there will be a special announcement by Carlisle right before the production starts. The production of “All In the Timing” will run through May 7, with performances on Fridays and Saturdays at 8 p.m. and Sundays at 2 p.m.

Ticket prices are $18 for non-season holders. There are discounts available for military members and students. This production is rated PG-13 for swearing and adult themes. To buy tickets, contact the Box Office at 910-678-7186 or go to https://ci.ovationtix.com/36002/production/1151812.

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