16aChildren across the world have come to love Bluey Heeler, the blue, television cartoon dog with an Australian accent, and her entire family. Bluey and the rest of the Heeler family aren’t just for the kids though; the Emmy award-winning children’s series has long been lauded by parents as highly relatable.

Now, Fayetteville families can enjoy a front row seat to the Heelers’ life like never before. On Aug. 17, “Bluey’s Big Play the Stage Show” will go live on stage at the Crown Theatre with larger-than-life sized puppets, dialogue by the real actors behind the television show, and brand new music from award-winning Bluey composer, Joff Bush.

You might say that “Bluey’s Big Play The Stage Show” brings everything families love about the television series brought to the stage. The stage show was even written by the TV show’s creator, Joe Brumm.
Brumm has taken moments from his own family and turned them into “Bluey” and it shows. The show has become a global phenomenon and is essential viewing in so many homes with children.

As with the TV show, “Bluey’s Big Play The Stage Show” focuses on the Heeler’s everyday life. The plot involves Bluey and her little sister Bingo trying to convince their dad, Bandit, to abandon his plans for a lazy Sunday afternoon and play with them.

Also like the TV show, “Bluey’s Big Play” will also impact audiences with meaningful lessons about being a family. Parents can take home with them a valuable message about quality time with their kids, while kids can learn about being a good sibling.

In an email to the Los Angeles Times, Brumm wrote about the show, “It’s about a family that loves each other. It reminds you of how funny and weird kids are and how hard but rewarding parenting them is. It comes from a very real place. It’s just my life with my kids, in dog form.”

The experience for Fayetteville Bluey fans is sure to be a fun one, with interactive audience participation such as a live game of “keepy uppy” that takes place after curtain call and a VIP show add-on that allows attendees to meet and get a photograph with a Bluey character.

While a typical episode of “Bluey” is around seven minutes long, “Bluey’s Big Play” is around 50 minutes long, not including the VIP experience.

The excitement is growing for both kids and their parents with one dad commenting on a Facebook post about the play, “I might be more excited than she is!” A mom tagged a friend saying, “Even if the kids don’t want to go, can we go see this together?”

It’s clear that the chance to see the world’s favorite dog family is one that Fayetteville doesn’t want to miss!
Tickets to the show are almost sold out, but the few that are left can be purchased at the Crown Box Office, the Fort Liberty Leisure Travel Office, or online at www.Ticketmaster.com.

Editor's note: Madeleine Eversole is the Director of Marketing for the Crown Complex.

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