In a heartwarming display of generosity, Fayetteville’s Asylum Ink tattoo and piercing shop is holding a toy drive from Dec. 1 to Dec. 22. Asylum Ink, typically known for its skilled tattoo artists, piercers and extremely sanitary environment, shifts its focus to helping its community this holiday season.
Asylum Ink goes beyond body art by contributing to Toys for Tots, offering an incredible deal for those who donate.

Jim Patrick and his team have organized a campaign where customers can bring a toy and its receipt to receive double the toy’s amount off their tattoo. This generous and thoughtful event showcases diverse ways to contribute to charitable causes and how businesses, big or small, can have a large and long-lasting impact on their communities.

Not only does this initiative give to less fortunate children, but it also offers the opportunity to collaborate with local businesses that thrive off their community.

“[This is the] first year we’re doing [this special] for the children. We figured during Christmas, let’s try something that can give people [our] service and, in a way, give back,” said Jim Patrick, owner of Asylum Ink.

This charity event and deal covers more than just tattoos. If you bring a toy to drop in their donation box, any piercing above the belt drops down to a price of $20.

If you’re unable to participate in their toy drive, you’ll still have the chance to get incredible deals year-round. Asylum Ink goes out of its way to bring you quality services at an affordable price, offering deals like this on every major holiday.

Asylum Ink maintains its unwavering commitment to cleanliness and sterilization, a quality its clientele appreciates and mentions often in the shop’s overwhelmingly positive reviews. This, among other great qualities, proves this shop’s dedication to its clients’ health, safety, and enjoyment.

The artists and piercers within Asylum Ink strive to create an environment that puts clients at ease, knowing they’re safe and respected the second they walk through the doors.

“If you’re doing what you love, you’re not working at all,” said Patrick. “To see someone smile when they’re done [getting a tattoo or piercing], knowing that they’re going to enjoy it for the rest of their life– what better kind of service can you do?”

Asylum Ink is a veteran-owned tattoo and piercing shop that offers stunning body art for appointments and walk-ins alike.

They’re home to talented and well-versed artists who put in the effort to create works of art their clients will proudly display and skilled piercers with thousands of jewelry pieces to choose from.

Whether adorning clients with rich black and gray pieces, intricate portrait tattoos, or perfectly placed piercings, Asylum Ink always puts their all into their work.

Putting clients' safety and health above all, these tattoo artists go above and beyond to put their customers at ease, knowing they’re surrounded by professionalism and a completely sterilized environment. Asylum Ink has been voted among the best artists and piercers in North Carolina, further proving their top-tier skills and customer service.

The shop’s involvement in the Toys for Tots fundraiser shows their heartwarming values as a company, the care and love for their community and the innovation used to come up with this incredibly charitable deal.

“Asylum’s been in business for almost 7 years. We moved to our newest location on Reilly Road [and] I would love to get out to the military that we’re literally on the road that brings you to the [Fort Liberty] gate. They need to know that we’re here and would really enjoy it if they came,” Patrick said.

Toys for Tots, founded in 1947 by the United States Marine Corps Reserve, hopes to spread and share the joy of Christmas to the less fortunate children of America.

Their organization acts as a symbol of collective goodwill and action throughout the holiday season. What started with a gifted handmade doll has become a nationally recognized charitable organization, providing millions of toys every year to ensure that every child, regardless of economic status, can experience the joy of receiving gifts for the holidays.

The collection and donation process normally starts in the fall through donation bins in community centers, but this doesn’t mean their charitable efforts stop after the holidays. Toys for Tots eagerly participates and engages in year-round activities to support children and families in need.

To cover all fifty states and the communities within, the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation works with local community organizations and Marine Corps Detachments.

Community members put new and unwrapped toys into Toys for Tots donation boxes to be picked up by that community’s coordinator in mid to late December.

With the assistance of local social welfare agencies, church groups, and local organizations, well-qualified coordinators identify and distribute donated toys to economically disadvantaged children.

As a nonprofit organization, the true success of Toys for Tots and charities like it comes from the nation's generosity, support, and donations.

Asylum Ink’s Toys for Tots toy drive is a perfect way to show support for children in need without breaking the bank. Fundraisers like this make it clear that every donation and gift counts, no matter the size or amount.

The collection process is simple and ensures an incredible deal for clients who bring in a new, unwrapped toy and its receipt. Asylum Ink’s team of experienced tattoo artists and piercers banded together and decided to drop off any extra toys after the Toys for Tots community pick up at the nearest fire station and police department at the end of their toy drive.

“[We] know they’ll have a better course of action to do with it than what we would,” Patrick explains.
To be a part of this charity event, go to 512 S Reilly Rd., Unit C in Fayetteville, or contact 910-339-3002 to donate.

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