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The new year is bringing in new business to Fayetteville including a natural hair care salon, Veronica Serenity Beauty Studio. Located at 402 Santa Fe Drive, inside the Montra Sharadae Spa and Business Suites, the studio's ribbon cutting is set for Jan. 6th at 3 p.m. The grand opening will introduce current and potential clients to the new space, refreshments, and door prizes.

“I’m having people come from all over. It’s pretty much a ceremony to introduce my business…I’m just excited. Have people come, mingling, getting to know each other, and booking…we want people to book!” said owner Veronica Harris.

Harris said the opening of the beauty studio has been a whirlwind journey and the outcome is beyond her wildest dreams.

“I focus more so on the natural side. I do braids, I do locs, anything dealing with the natural…In 2016 I graduated from Cosmetology School at Craven Community College…been working in the booth rental for seven years, and finally just decided that if I don’t do it now, then I’ll never do it. I just felt like it was my season for me to step out on my own,” she said. “I definitely furthered my education with the natural hair.”

Nestled in a shopping center at the corner of Yadkin Road and Santa Fe Drive, Veronica Serenity Beauty Studio is bringing natural care closer to those in the Westover area and beyond. Harris secured the new space through a fellow entrepreneur, friend, and business coach, Tia Sharadae. One of Harris’s biggest influences is stepping out on faith and securing her own space.

“I’m ready to take it to the next level,” she said.

Natural hair care is a booming industry with some black women choosing to step away from chemical relaxers. Even with women who wear wigs, keeping the hair healthy and protected under them is an essential part of the hair care process.

“I’m all about maintaining the health of my client's hair. For me, it’s not so much about the money. It’s about just the quality of the clients and the health of their hair and the money comes with that.” said Harris when asked about her passion for natural hair care.

Natural hair care includes trimming ends, deep conditioning, protective styles, braids, and coloring of natural hair. Veronica Serenity Beauty Studio will also offer loctician services. The studio will offer cleansing washes, installation, retwist, restoration, extensions, and styling of locs. Those looking to take their locs out without doing the “big chop” will find comfort at the studio. Harris has learned and mastered the technique of combing out locs for those who want a change or have decided that the hairstyle is just not for them. While this process is a long and tedious one, clients will find the space a relaxing one to be in. From the moment clients enter the building they are met with the ambiance of self-care. Light colors, crystal chandelier, fluffy leather seats, and the sounds and smells of serenity await current, new, and potential clients.

Those interested in booking services can do so on Verconica’s Facebook page,

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