20240305 0644020On March 5th, Fort Liberty's Provider's Cafe took part in the Philip A. Connelly army-wide competition between dining facilities.

Every day, their team of 92G (Cook and Culinary) soldiers prepared and honed their teamwork, talents, and organization in preparation for Tuesday's competition. Beginning at 5 a.m., the soldiers arrived and began their preparation for the day's event. Shortly after, Sgt. First Class Brown ran the troops through their morning formation and gave them an inspiring speech about their dedication, efforts thus far, and drive to prove that they were the best 92G the Army had to offer.

"I want them to enjoy themselves. This is their profession; this is what they do. This is culinary arts. It is an opportunity to show what they can do. But for them, it's just another day. They are always putting their best foot forward trying to be the best version of themselves and improve,” said Lt. Vuylsteke.

The morning started with breakfast and it was truly something to see. Fresh squeezed juice from pineapples, celery, and cucumbers was made available to all soldiers at the beginning of the line going through the facility. The well-known omelet station, scratch-made biscuits and carbs were at the beginning as is common in “warrior restaurants,” as they are coming to be called.
However, these were different.

Time, care and effort went into every step of the process the team at the Provider's Cafe took to ensure the highest quality food was made available to the soldiers who would be eating there.

Throughout the line, talk of their highly regarded French toast was abundant. There were sweet potato pancakes, fresh fruits, fresh yogurts, and a variety of cereals also present that far outdid the standard at most other warrior restaurants throughout the Army.

The shift lead and first cook of the team, Staff Sgt. Johnson and Sgt. McCrae, attributed their continual success to their communication and effective teamwork that ensured every member of their team knew their jobs and how to execute their roles. Their success depended on them supporting one another throughout the competition and daily process.

"Teamwork and making sure everyone did their jobs, but also picking each other up and helping," said Sgt. McCrae on his perspective on their what has led them to their current reputation for excellence. "But we do that on the daily. We came together and worked together to achieve that goal."

Lunchtime was where the team was able to really shine. The main courses being prime rib and fresh grilled chicken, the team outdid themselves in both their preparation and presentation of the menu items for that day's meal.

The item that stole the show was undoubtedly the red velvet cake made by Spc. De La Cruz. The dessert item was so delicious, even the competition graders couldn't help but have another piece.

Overall, the team of 92G at the Provider's Cafe excelled in their craft and was able to provide the highest quality of service and nutrition available to the soldiers who chose to eat there. This standard is one they exemplify daily, and their achievement as one of six finalists in the competition is evidence of that.

The winner won't be announced until later; however, they will be strong contenders for first place amongst the entire Army for their commitment to the tenets of the military, and their dedication to their craft as culinary artists.

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