College can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be expensive for you. The financial aid experts at Fayetteville Technical Community College will help you find a scholarship that is just right for you. The best thing about scholarships is that, unlike loans, you don’t have to pay back scholarship funds.
Are you a North Carolina resident who doesn’t have enough money to pay for college? A scholarship from the Golden LEAF Foundation can help! It provides up to $2,250 per year to students living in one of the qualifying counties (listed on the application). You can use this scholarship to pay for tuition, books, child care, and even transportation to help you get to school and be able to focus on your classwork.
Would you like to get paid to attend functions, events, and college celebrations? The prestigious Tom McLean Ambassadors Scholarship program allows students to represent FTCC on and off campus by serving as a student ambassador. Student ambassadors reflect a positive image and help share the good news about FTCC and how FTCC benefits students and the community. Throughout the journey, student ambassadors build positive relationships with community leaders, develop personal leadership skills, and experience unique opportunities that enhance personal growth. Student ambassadors must have excellent academic grades, submit a written essay and demonstrate exceptional communication skills during a panel interview. The scholarship amount awarded to each student ambassador is $1,300.
Do you need a little help completing your degree? Apply for the Finish Line Grant if you have completed at least 50 percent of your coursework and are faced with a financial emergency that occurred through no fault of your own, which could impair your ability to continue your academic program. Students pursuing the Finish Line Grant may receive up to $1,000 to help them complete their academic training.
Don’t enjoy filling out applications? FTCC’s Corporate and Continuing Education programs no longer require applications for some scholarships. These scholarships can be used for a wide variety of programs including welding, veterinary assistant, accounting clerk, medical billing, and more. Some courses can be completed online. Scholarships are available on a first-come, first-served basis, so it’s important not to delay in contacting FTCC’s continuing education staff.
FTCC student Heather Aicher, also a recipient of the Malcolm Nickelson Memorial Scholarship, recently expressed her gratitude for how the FTCC Foundation helped her: “As the widow of an Army veteran, it has warmed my heart to encounter support from the military-connected community in places I hadn’t thought to look. This scholarship has enabled me to continue my education in the field of IT, which I will use to secure a career that can provide a sustainable wage to support the family in my husband’s absence.” Comments such as these expressed by Heather represent the reason the FTCC Foundation exists: to clear roadblocks along the pathway of education for students pursuing a better quality of life.
Ready to learn more? Contact the FTCC Foundation today at 910-678-8441 or by email at foundation@faytechcc.edu. More information can be found at https://www.faytechcc.edu/scholarships or by visiting the campus at Harry F. Shaw Virtual College Center, Room 114, 2201 Hull Road.

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