14“Getting older means you are more alive. More vitality, more interest, more intelligence, more grace, and more expansion,” said actress Jamie Lee Curtis.

The citizens of Fayetteville gave themselves a gift with a 2016 voter-approved Parks and Recreation Bond Project. The 9.2-million-dollar Senior Center East, 917 Washington Drive, Fayetteville, opened for older adults fifty-five plus on May 6. The facility consists of a warm water pool, fitness and exercise room, two racquet ball courts, a multipurpose room, library, billiard room, indoor and outdoor lounge areas, locker rooms, a card room and a kitchen. The interior square footage is 15,360 with a covered patio of an additional 2850 feet according to City of Fayetteville Marketing and Communications.
“The older adults can participate in diverse activities inclusive of physical and mental health programs. There is the availability of space for community group meetings and athletic events. Free transportation will be available for older persons fifty-five years plus. Transportation to Senior Center East is also available by FASTtrac, a program by the Fayetteville Area System of Rapid Transit,” according to City of Fayetteville Marketing and Communications.
The Senior Center East is a significant part of the economic growth of Fayetteville. “Senior Center East is just one transformation along the Murchison Road Corridor. The Center is within walking distance of Fayetteville State University. It is a short distance from Martin Luther King Jr Park and the growing gateway plaza near the intersection of Murchison Road, Bragg Boulevard, and Rowan St.,” states City of Fayetteville Marketing and Communications.
The Ribbon Cutting for Senior Center East was an emotional day on May 3. Past and present city council members, Darrell T. Allison, Chancellor of Fayetteville State University, and other public officials attended the event.
Mayor Mitch Colvin shared at the Ribbon Cutting, “Our Seniors are the heart and soul of our community. They have dedicated their lives to building our city, to nurturing and raising families, and to contributing in so many ways to the outcomes of what we see today. Senior Center East is one example of our commitment to ensuring our Seniors have fulfilling active lives.”
The older adults of Fayetteville and especially citizens living in the Murchison Road Corridor view the Senior Center East as a blessing.
“The Senior Center East is a beautiful addition to the Fayetteville community. I am proud to be a Senior, to be able to take advantage of the many health information updates, community resources and activities at the Center. Many Seniors will be blessed to participate in the Senior Center East outreach endeavors,” states Patricia Leach, Mt Sinai Missionary Baptist Church.14a
Older adults having a safe haven is an important concern.
“The opening of the Senior Center East is a proud day for Fayetteville citizens. This building is beautiful and offers a safe haven for seniors,” shares Karen Justice, Mt Sinai Missionary Baptist Church.
Bill Crisp Senior Center opened in October 2022. It was named in honor of the late and former Council person Bill Crisp.
“He was known as the “Dean” of Council and served District 6 for six consecutive terms. He expressed the vision of a senior center overlooking Lake Rim,” according to Fayetteville Marketing and Communications.
Bill Crisp Senior Center is located on 7560 Raeford Road. The facility has an open lobby, warm water pool, fitness rooms, lounge areas, multipurpose rooms, open spaces, dance studios, locker rooms and is in close proximity to Lake Rim and Fall Hikes. The center can service the western area of the city.
“The Center programs have better health screening, bingo, workshops, charcuterie board creation, chess, book clubs, crafts, diner’s club, card games, dominos, Fabulous After Fifty, Bible study, walking club, jigsaw puzzle time, recipes, and technology seminars,“ according to the Bill Crisp Senior Center site.
Bill Crisp Senior Center and Senior Center East were funded by the Fayetteville Parks and Recreation voter-approved bond of 2016.
“The longer you live, the more beautiful life becomes,” stated renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Fayetteville’s state-of-the-art Senior Centers for persons fifty-five and older add wellness, health, and positive interaction to create a beautiful life. The Bill Crisp Center can be reached by calling 910-433-1248. Senior Center East can be reached by calling 910-433-1574.

(Photos: Top and above: Fayetteville's Senior Center East is the newest senior center to open in Fayetteville. Boasting a warm therapy pool, billiards room, racquet ball courts, a library, and more, the Senior Center East is the latest place for people over fifty-five in the Fayetteville community to gather. Photos by Lena Simmons)

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