8Summer is in full swing and the community is active. The numerous community pools, splash pads and parks are seeing daily traffic, as the summer weather permits, from families, camps, and churches. These amenities provide a cool escape from the Carolina heat. There are 14 free splash pads nestled around Cumberland County for residents to use during the summer season.
Along with the splash pads, there are four community pools: Ronnie “Chase” Chalmers Pool, Keith A. Bates, Sr. Pool, Lake Rim Aquatic Center and Westover Aquatic Center. Each of these pools is an affordable way for residents to enjoy the full immersion and enjoyment of a pool. Community pools are not just used by the individual residents, but they are a common place for church and summer camps alike.
The Fayetteville Cumberland Parks and Recreation is also responsible for running recreational sports, like baseball and football. Saturdays find most of the local parks full of cars, lawn chairs and cheers. While there is never a shortage of summer camps, the Fayetteville-Cumberland Parks and Recreation host budget friendly alternatives to community members, as well as after-school programs.
Fayetteville- Cumberland Parks and Recreation is responsible for all these various community spaces. With the county also boasting nine parks, two trails, and three dog parks, the department is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of all of them. And with summer 2024 in full swing, the department is already gearing up for an increase in fees for some of its community spaces and programs.
Loren Bymer, director of marketing and communications for the City of Fayetteville, said, “The City of Fayetteville is excited that we have significant interest and participation in all of our Parks and Recreation programs and amenities and have successfully been able to not increase rates since 2015 despite the increase of resident participation each year.
"To continue to keep these services running in an effective manner, there is a need to make a slight increase in the fees to participate to off-set the cost of operations.”
Currently, pool prices for residents are $1 for those ages 12 and under and $2 for those 13 and above and increases slightly for nonresidents. Summer day camps run residents $65 a week and $130 for nonresidents. Registration for sports through the department is $25 for residents and $50 for nonresidents.
Below are the fee increases.
Youth Athletics
• Resident - $40
• Non-Resident - $80
Youth Football
• Resident - $45
• Non-Resident - $90
After-School Programs
• Resident - $140 per month/$40 per week
• Non-Resident - $280 per month/$80 per week
Summer Camp/Playground
Intercession School Workday Camp

• Resident - $18 per day
• Non-Resident - $36 per day
Summer Day Camp
• Resident - $90 per week
• Non-Resident - $180 per week
Summer Day Camp (Pro-rated daily)
• Resident - $18 per day
• Non-Resident - $36 per day
Summer Playground Camp
• Resident - $55 per week
• Non-Resident - $110 per week
Pool Entry Fee
• Resident - $4 for adults, $3 for children
• Non-Resident - $8 for adults, $6 for children

Bymer said the increases will likely take place in September, but there is no official date when community members can look for the increase. The increase in fees will be used to maintain the community properties and pay staff. To stay up-to-date, make sure to follow the Fayetteville-Cumberland Parks and Rec on Facebook. The proposed 2025 budgets for the city and county can be found online at

(Photo: The Keith Bates, Sr. Pool is one of four pools operated by Fayetteville Cumberland Parks and Recreation. Photo courtesy of Fayetteville Cumberland Parks and Recreation)

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