OK, Fayetteville. It is that time of year again when we ask our Up & Coming Weekly readers to share with us their opinions about local venues, people, businesses and organizations that, in some positive way have made an impact on our community during the last 12 months. For 11 years, this has been our way of monitoring our community’s growth, development and quality-of-life index while allowing us to acknowledge and congratulate publicly those who have worked hard to leave their mark on this comm07-07-10-bof.gifunity.

If you are a regular reader of Up & Coming Weekly you know we take the Best of Fayetteville survey very seriously. Our staff goes to great lengths to discover and salute the “Best of the Best.”

For those not familiar with this process we encourage you to participate and fi ll out the ballot found on page 27 and 28 and submit it to us before the deadline. Most importantly, make sure you follow these important instructions:

1. Complete at least 15 categories.

2. Include your name and address.

3. Send in only one entry per person.

4. Mail only one entry per envelope.

5. And, the most important thing, DON’T CHEAT! Not that you would, of course, but tell your friends it will do them no good to “stuff” the ballot box or “single shot”.

Like I said, we take this survey very seriously and unlike other local ballots or newspaper reader’s choice surveys all of Up & Coming Weekly’s “Best of Fayetteville” ballots are mailed directly to a local CPA’s offi ce where they are counted, audited and verified. It is during this process that incomplete, duplicated, falsified, doctored and suspicious ballots are revealed and disallowed. As you can imagine this is a costly and time consuming process but one that has an 11-year track record of success and has proven to be quite effective. As a result, the “Best of Fayetteville” readers survey and recognition has been able to maintain its high level of dignity, honor and pride. Each winner is recognized with a plaque or certifi cate provided by Up & Coming Weekly and The Trophy House.

So, please, fi ll out and submit a ballot. Tell us like it is! Curious minds want to know: Who is the “Best of Fayetteville?” You may even win $100.

This year you can also enter online. Visit our e-edition and go straight to the online survey. Include your e-mail address on the ballot and we will subscribe you to our “free” VIP Early Bird Online Edition. Remember, stuffi ng the ballot box will not help. To really promote your cause, business or organization just tell your friends to pick up a copy of Up & Coming Weekly, follow the instructions and VOTE.

If you do not have access to the Up & Coming Weekly newspaper at your business or organization call us and we will make sure you are directed to the closest available outlet. Above all else, have fun with it! Call me anytime and thanks for reading. I enjoy your questions and comments. I can be reached at 484-6200 or by e-mail at bbowman@ upandcomingweekly.com.

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