Lovell Pulley is the local artist being exhibited in the McLeod Gallery at Up & Coming Weekly. Pulley opens in the small local gallery during the same time as the regional artist, Judy Jones, is hosted in the Gallery 208. Both artists were selected for their choice of a limited color palette, a minimalist approach to image making, and both artists are examining something about nature.

Pulley is a local artist who uses the computer to generate works of art with a twist about human nature. States of being, status quo, in contemporary culture is the artist’s content; yet his content iscloaked in humor. From his skin chart to the violence in America, Pulley reduces his images to simple scenarios of a story or symbols of American culture gone awry. Double meaning is always present; in every work there is a message to examine or refl ect on.

A minimalist artist in design or composition, Pulley reduces his images to a series of black, white and grey with a pop of color somewhere in the image for a focal point. Representing youth culture, his images are messages in a stylized fl attened format. Unlike many contemporary artists who embed meaning, Pulley approaches meaning from a direct approach.

There nothing subtle about Pulley’s approach to content and message, instead he holds a contemporary mirror up to the viewer in every work. In all his work the artist is asking: What do you think about this?

Pulley’s works will be unveiled on Thursday, July 22 at an exhibit opening at the offices of Up & Coming Weekly. The event kicks-off at 5:30 p.m., and features great art, artist’s talks from Jones and Pulley, as well as food and drink. The event is free and open to the public.

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