Up & Coming Weekly recently had a conversation with local musician Roy Shiels about his plans for 2011.01-26-11-ray-shiels.gif

UCW: Who are your band members and what instruments do they play?

RS: Roy Shiels (vocals, guitars, bass, piano & drums). I incorporate various musicians for live shows and I will be searching for live musicians when in Fayetteville.

UCW: Give us a brief history lesson on your career. When and where did you get started?

RS: I’ve been a musician (guitar) from the age of 15, played in several rock/ indie bands throughout Dublin city. I’ve been writing songs since 2000 and became a gigging solo artist in 2008.

UCW: How did you choose your stage name? RS: It’s my birth name UCW: How would you define your music?

RS: Light and shade ... edgy, contemporary rock with with pop/indie elements.

UCW: Who are your favorite bands/influences on your music?

RS: Arcade Fire, Smashing Pumpkins, Foo Fighters, U2, Peral Jam, MGMT

UCW: Do you write your own music and where does that inspiration come from?

RS: Yes. What ever life throws at me, I throw it into a song

UCW: If you only had two words to describe yourself what would they be? RS: Doggedly passionate UCW: What are your hopes/goals for the future?

RS: I really want to tour the United States.

UCW: Where do you see yourself five years, 10 years from now?

RS: Recording my third album and touring internationally.

UCW: Where can Fayetteville music lovers check you in the near future?

RS: I’m at www.myspace.com/royshiels and in early 2011, in as many Fayetteville clubs & bars as possible.

Photo: Roy Shiels

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