Open since 1994, the Gilbert Theater has always been successful in bringing excellent plays and productions to Fayetteville. 03-23-11-long-days-journey.gif

In keeping up with that fine tradition, a Pulitzer Prize winning play, Long Days Journey into Night written by American playwright Eugene O’Neill will open March 31 at this charming and intimate venue and will run through April 17. 

Originally written in early 1940s, the play takes place in a cottage known as Monte Cristo, located by the seaside in Connecticut. The play revolves around a cobweb full of family drama that contains addiction and the dysfunctionality of the family that comes along with such severe issues.

The main characters of the play are James Tyrone Sr., Mrs. Mary Tyrone, James Jr. and Edmund. James Tyrone Sr. is the patriarch of the family who owns several pieces of land making him well off financially, yet struggling because his wealth is tied up in land. Along with his two sons, James Jr. and Edmund, James Tyrone Sr. are all addicted to alcohol which adds fuel to the fire of other family issues going on in the Tyrone household.

“Be always drunken. Nothing else matters: that is the only question. If you would not feel the horrible burden of time weighing on your shoulders and crushing you to the earth, be drunken continually. Drunken with what? With wine, with poetry, or with virtue, as you will. But be drunken” a line by James Tyrone Sr. explains his conclusion to all problems.

The play invokes many emotions of frustration, anger, resentment and more. Life is full of different spices, which helps keep it interesting. Certainly, that is the case here as well. Long Day’s Journey into Night is something we all can relate to in a sense that we all are busy working, juggling, and rearranging our lives to end that journey into the night every day.

Long Day’s Journey into Night has also won many awards such as the Tony award for Best Play in 1957. The play has also been made into a movie, making this play a must see. The Gilbert Theatre is also encouraging guests to take advantage of the opening night as they are offering, “Pay what you Can.” This allows everyone to have a chance at enjoying Long Day’s Journey into Night for whatever they can afford to pay.

Gilbert Theatre is located at 116 Green St., Downtown Fayetteville. Tickets are $12, (except for opening night) and can be purchased by calling 678-7186 or vy visiting

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