03-23-11-burn-the-floor-logo.gifSince 1997, The Crown Coliseum has hosted great entertainers and family events. In addition to being the home of Fayetteville’s beloved hockey team the FireAntz, the Crown has been been honing its reputation for bringing the brightest, most entertaining and enjoyable acts to Fayetteville ever since the doors opened.

On Tuesday, March 29 at 7:30 p.m., The Crown continues this tradition with the Burn the Floor dance show. Called a mix of dance and acrobatics, Burn the Floor is not what you would expect from a ballroom-dancing show. 03-23-11-burn-the-floor-at-crown.gif

The ballroom dancing the world recognizes competitive ballroom dance, sometimes known as dance sport. It is comprised of ten dances, which can all be danced in “closed ballroom” hold. The style danced in Burn the Floor is called “international style” and has been danced in competition since 1920.

International style ballroom dance consists of 10 dances, split into five Latin American dances and five ballroom dances (standard). Each Burn the Floor dancer has spent a lifetime training to compete against other dance couples. This show allows the dancers to demonstrate their love and passion for their art, in their stark simplicity of simple outfits and bold dance moves, compared to the cavalcade of ruffles, sequins, tassels and over choreographed acts found in other dance acts.

Flashing lights, mirrored balls and clouds of billowing smoke add flair and create an exhilarating background for the talented artists to perform.

There are moments of real beauty, moments between two ubertalented dancers that will make you forget you are watching a performance, and become consumed in the magnitude of the dance.

Burn the Floor has been taking the world by storm, making stops in New York, London, Toronto and now of course, Fayetteville. For more information or to purchase tickets, contact the Crown Center at 438-4100.

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