hos· pi·tal·i·ty [hos-pi-tal-i-tee] –noun, plural -ties.The friendly reception and treatment of guests or strangers.

If Southerners are anything, it’s hospitable. Fayettevilleeven has its own Hospitality Association — the Fayetteville AreaHospitality Association. It’s a nonprofi t organization of businesseswho promote tourism, social welfare and quality of life byimproving the quality and variety of food, lodging and recreationalareas for travelers and local residents.

Their reach is far, and their impact on the community is great.Every person who stays in a hotel, eats at a restaurant or rents acar in Fayetteville is operating within the world of hospitality andquite possibly interacting with FAHA members.

For FAHA, hospitality means not only treating visitors well,but also taking care of the community, and for the past 10 years,they’ve done just that, and had a good time doing so, and this yearthey’ve added a new sponsor — Up & Coming Weekly to theirannual fundraising event.

On Sept. 30, FAHA and Up & Coming Weekly are hosting the Annual GolfTournament at Kings Grant. Proceeds will benefi t Falcon Children’s Home andKidsville News! of Cumberland County.“This is our 10th annual tournament,” said FAHA vice president RamonaMoore.

“This is our third year donating to Falcon Children’s Home. Last year,we made a commitment to sponsor them for fi ve years.”

Historically, the tournament has raised between $5,000 and $13,000 forvarious charities. Moore hopes that by teaming up with another sponsor, thetournament will be able to increase their proceeds signifi cantly and be able tohelp that many more children.

Kidsville News! is an educational resource in the form of a full-colorchildren’s monthly newspaper with fun, relevant and educational articles forchildren, parents and teachers. While KidsvilleNews! content is educational, it is also funand interactive, keeping children engaged andmotivated to learn! The primary mission ofKidsville News! is to encourage learning andliteracy by helping kids have fun reading.

According to its website, “Falcon Children’sHome began its ministry of caring for childrenin 1909. For more than 100 years, with the helpof our supporters, they have served childrenand families in the Southeastern United Stateswho needed out-of-home placement forvarious reasons. A ministry of the InternationalPentecostal Holiness Church, we have alwaystried to demonstrate Christ-likeness in ourapproach and in the cultivation of our careprograms. We are unashamedly a Christianministry. We believe that to serve the wholechild — mind, body, spirit, and soul — we must foster an atmosphere thatalways asks, “What is best for the child?” and make every effort to answer thisquestion with our resources, assets and best efforts.

“Falcon Children’s Home offers goal-oriented and goal-directed care aimedprimarily at family reunification and is staffed to meet the needs of students inour care.”It’s easy to support these two great causes. Sponsorships areavailable, teams are being formed and door prize donations arebeing accepted. Call RamonaMoore at 487-1400 to findout more.

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