The fashion world is one that many men and women love to embrace. From the catwalks to the 02-22-12-sada-fashion-show.jpgamazing designers during fashion week who showcase their latest designs, I think it is safe to say that many young fashionistas might want to be a part of the high life discovered on the runway. Sada “Exclusive” Fashions will give many people the opportunity to embrace that very dream. The fashion line will have its first fashion show at the Holiday Inn Bordeaux on March 17 in support of the Arthritis Foundation.

Guest will get a chance to enjoy a great show with beautiful clothes while they help to support a good cause. Alexis Scott, the designer of Sada “Exclusive” Fashions, is very passionate about this fashion show because it hits close to home. At 23 years of age, the designer was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis, which is a spinal disease caused by arthritis. This disease was something she felt she should never have had to face, especially at such a young age. The disease has made life that much more complex. Scott does not want people to take the situation lightly, because the disease can affect any age.

“So many people do not know a lot about arthritis and how serious it can be,” Scott says. “I want to open their eyes. That would make me very happy.”

What could be a better way to spread the message than to produce a fashion show? With the combination of runway and education, it gives the Fayetteville community the opportunity to become aware of a serious disease while enjoying the show.

“I have enjoyed every moment working with the foundation and the whole experience has really touched me,” Scott said during a recent interview.

The designer is no stranger to fashion shows. She showcased her designs at the Charlotte, North Carolina Fashion Week. However, this is Scott’s very first show that she has planned and created. This show allows Scott to express her support for this cause, while encouraging the entire community to become encompassed in an educational and moving experience. The show will include a wide variety of entertainment, from raffl e-ticket prizes, talented entertainers, models from all over the region and much, much more. Scott has been planning the show since last April and the process has been time consuming, but the work has brought her great joy.

“People that come to the show can expect fun, entertainment and glamour,” Scott said. “We still represent the brand with style and class.”

“I’ve been doing this since I was 5 and I would play with my Barbie and cut their clothes into different styles. My mom recognized my talent,” Scott explains. “She was my motivation.”

Sada “Exclusive” Fashions represents individuality in its design. There usage of bold colors and unique styles, adds a distinctive fl air that is truly one of a kind. By only creating 3,000 per style, Sada “Exclusive” Fashions provides their customers with limited and exclusive designs. The word Sada when translated in Japanese means “pure one.” The clothing line is targeted for teen girls and young adults. Scott wanted to create a line that sent the message that a woman can still look fabulous and glamorous without revealing too much skin. Elegance and sophistication is vital in Sada “Exclusive” Fashions.“

The name sada stands for sophisticated attractive diva with an attitude,” Scott explains. “That is what my clothing line stands for.”

Sada “Exclusive” Fashion carries a wide range of clothing items including business suits, casual wear, formal wear, lingerie, shoes, jewelry and denim.

The show begins at 4:30 p.m. Tickets for the show are $35 and can be purchased at For more information about future events, visit or You may also contact Scott at (910)992-1335.

Photo: SADA Fashions are geared toward teens and young adults.

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