{mosimage}“Superdrive is comprised of three hard working musicians who have seen their fair share of the road.” 

An accurate description of local band, Superdrive, who is psyched and set to play the Special Forces Benefit Fundraiser Saturday, May 31, at Festival Park. The band just wants to kick it old school č they want you to rock, and they want you to have fun. 

Superdrive is comprised of Bryan Shaw (bass and vocals), J.D. Shaw (drums and vocals), and Clay Singletary (guitar and vocals). All three knew at an early age what they wanted to be when they grew up. They wanted to rock. Fortunately, they are able to work as full-time musicians. JD still plays on a vintage 1963 Ludwig drum kit that his grandmother purchased for him at the sprightly age of 3. This same kit produces the thumping beats that drive their shows. Each member had their hand in music all before puberty. These are expert musicians whose musicianship should be appreciated. Shaw, lead singer of the band, was kind enough to answer a few of my questions, and explain a little bit more about why Superdrive is worth YOUR time.  

If you only had two words to describe your band, what would they be, and why?

“Loud fun. Superdrive shows are fun. We enjoy getting the crowd involved. It’s great when the crowd is singing all the songs with you, at that point, you know everyone in the room is having a great time. Oh yea, did I mention we were a rock band....it can be loud.”

Name? Who came up with the name and why do you think it fits your band? 

“J.D. named the band. Naming bands is our LEAST favorite thing to do. We love playing music, however, coming up with a name that best suits you or your music style....WAY too much brain work. We had to have a name. Seems you can ride through the desert on a horse with no name but clubs for some reason will NOT book a band with no name-go figure.”

Influences, and why? Do you think you live up to their legacies? How do you think you can improve? 

”We are all about the same age, so we grew up listening to virtually the same music. Influences are all over the place. We really like a lot of different styles of music. We take requests a lot. I think our wide variety of musical influences helps us to pull them off. We seem to get odd requests and I mean we have taken some ODD ones, but it keeps it interesting.”

The Beatles or Led Zeppelin? 

“Two different emotions, we love and cover both bands, but I would say Zeppelin.”

What fuels the intensity of the band’s songs?

 “We are full time musicians, so we actually love our jobs!!”

Why should I listen to Superdrive?

“I don’t think you can walk away from a Superdrive show without having fun.” 

Fun sounds good to me. Doesn’t fun sound good to you? Find out when they are rocking and rolling near you next. Check out Superdrive on their myspacewww.myspace.com/superdrivenc. 

The festival kicks off at 11 a.m. nd will end after Bad Company leaves the stage at about 10:30 p.m. All this for $20 at the gate or $17 if you get your ticket at ticketalternative.com.


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