Hip-Hop is alive and well in Fayetteville, N.C. This is something I would not have believed until it was pointed out to me. So Fayetteville, please introduce yourself to Ezzie B and Doomgotbeats, collectively known as Prosthetik Intelligentz. 08-01-12-hip-hop.gif

The group was formed back in April 2010. In that same year they released two mixed tapes that received local and international rec-ognition in the underground world of Hip-Hop. They soon adopted “journeyman-alien” Hip+Hop as an oc-casional member to the group who traveled with them on a trip around the world to help promote their music and ideas. The trip served them with invaluable inspiration for their upcoming projects. Prosthetik Intelligentz planned on working on their third mixed tape when they returned. During the process they met Raleigh-based produc-er Eric “Gravity Movement” Bannister. Quickly they all clicked together and started recording Sounds & Wonders ep.

Sounds & Wonders ep was released this past winter and contains six songs of head-bobbing smooth Hip-Hop with a message. There’s a heavy influence of New York’s ‘90s Hip-Hop scene all over the album. These guys fit right in with groups like A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, maybe even Nas in his early days on the scene.

The mood is set right from the first track for the ep which isn’t a bad thing since it’s only a six song ep. The album doesn’t drag on and get boring, instead it’s over before you know it and leaves you craving more. The beats are laid back, easy going and spacey sounding with lots of cool breaks and samples. Layered over these beautiful beats are samples from various speakers giving inspiration with Ezzie B’s intelligent lyrics showcasing his plea for people to use their minds for positive actions and his love of music.

If you’re looking for some club music about random hook ups, pushing dope and taste for extravagant clothing and cars then this is not for you. The intro track to the album, “Sunlight”, features a sample excerpt of a speech from Charlie Chaplin’s The Great Dictator where the speaker talks about a world where we all help one another and strive for the happiness and liberty for all mankind. These are the ideas and concepts you will hear on Sounds & Wonders. The lyrics are very positive while slightly touching on some of the darkness and troubles of the real world. Ezzie B has a very nice flow to his rap too which helps deliver his message, making the listeners ears willing and wanting to take in his Andre 3000 meets Pusha T flow.

Prosthetik Intelligentz is not a group to sleep on. If you’re a fan of Rap and Hip-Hop, you want this album in your collection. It’s especially exciting talent like this coming right out of Fayetteville. For more information and free music from Prosthetik Intelligentz, visit www.prosthetikintelligentz.com. The physical copy of the CD will also come with a bonus disc, The Sade Experience by Doomgotbeats. On this disc Doomgotbeats remixes classic Sade tracks in Prosthetik Intelligentz style. The project was inspired by his recent trip to Africa and the songs sound just as beautiful and classic as Sade herself.

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