All Good Things Must Come to an End

This week in The Buzz we are reminded that indeed all good things must come to an end.

Downhere, a Canadian band with two lead singers, one of whom sounds so much like the late Freddy Mercury that he toured on the Queen reunion tour this summer, has announced that they will end their music ministry in January 2013.

Here is the official statement from Downhere:

Hello Friends,

It is with many memories and deep feelings that we relay to you the decision we have made over the course of the last year. January 1, 2013 will mark the end of our traveling ministry for the foreseeable future.

It has become very clear to us that this chapter of our journey, initiated by God, is drawing to a close. While we mourn the end of this season we also celebrate over a decade of ministry. It has been hard work and our families have paid a big price. The friends, songs, experiences and lives changed as a result of hearing the truth of God’s love has sustained us through many years and miles.

For those of you who know us well you know that this is not a band breakup. In08-01-12-buzz.gif fact, we are open to playing a select few shows or events in the future. After many years and miles spent together we have become a band of brothers who love each other dearly. There is not one single variable that has initiated this change; rather it would seem the same sovereign hand that has guided us together for this season is now leading us in different directions. We are grateful for the role everyone has played in our lives. Your encouragement and support over the years has carried us through thick and thin.

We have always wanted to finish well. We believe that means finishing together, as a band ... and that is what we are going to do. We are working on setting up a few wrap-up shows this fall. More information will be forthcoming as things get solidified.

Jason, Marc, Glenn & Jeremy

Downhere is ending well with their final project On The Altar of Love which is available now. Find them online at

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