The inner monologue.
    Everyone has one, although not everyone chooses to use it. The inner monologue is that bit inside of each of us that plays a running commentary about what is going on around and inside us. It’s that voice that silently whispers, “Wow, you’re too stupid to breathe,” when one encounters someone who in fact is too stupid to breathe. Most of us have control over that inner monologue, and what happens inside our head stays there.
    In Company, the newest offering by the Cape Fear Regional Theatre, the inner monologue not only fuels the action of the play, it drives it. Opening Friday, June 13, Company brings together some of the CFRT’s favorite local performers for an all-star performance of a witty, sophisticated, thought-provoking play about relationships and marriage.
    Directing the performance is Fredrick J. Rubeck, the chair of the performing arts department at Elon University. Rubeck, who has directed nearly 100 performances throughout the United States and the United Kingdom, is a newcomer to the CFRT, but it’s something he has wanted to do for quite a while. “I serve on the N.C. Conference of Directors with Bo (CFRT artistic director Bo Thorp) and there’s an ongoing thing where everybody starts sentences with ‘When I did this play with Bo’ or, ‘I worked with Bo,’” he explained. “So when I introduced myself, I said, ‘I’m the one person who has never worked with Bo,’ she got the subtle hint and called me this spring.”
    He said he was excited when he got the call, having seen the play numerous times, he already had ideas about what he wanted and what his expectations were for the crew. “I hope I’m living up to their expectations,” he said. “A director can do a lot with this show — it’s nonlinear and you get to figure out how to make it work. There are a lot of ways to play with it and give the play a different angle. I saw a couple of bad productions, and knew I could do it right.”
    The play revolves around the life of Bobby, a 30-something single guy, who is constantly surrounded by married couples and his girlfriends. They all want to know when Bobby is going to settle down — a question he’s trying to answer himself. Bringing the role of Bobby to life is veteran CFRT performer Greg King. King explains that Company is very “Seinfeld-ish” in its comedic take and its look at life. “It’s very quirky. It’s everyday kind of life,” he said. “Aren’t we all a little like Bobby?”
    While the play itself is exciting to King, he’s even more excited about the cast. He explained that the the play was really put together as a vehicle for a group of veteran CFRT performers. “There’s a group of us who live here, work here and do theater here,” explained King. “We all get together to do theater and it’s a lot of fun.”
    That group includes theater veterans like Cassandra Vallerey, Michael Brocki, Nicki Hart, Libby Seymour, Ken Griggs and Jenny Beaver, among others.
    “This play is really built for this group that has done so much for theater in our community,” said King. “It’s all ensembles, and the play showcases a lot of what everybody does well.”{mosimage}
    The musical comedy Company opens on Friday, June 13, and runs through Sunday, June 29. Tickets range in price from $12 to $23. For times and dates, visit the CFRT Web site at or call the CFRT Box Office at 323-4233.

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