07-16-14-soldier-show.gifWhen people think of the talents and skills of soldiers, singing and dancing is not usually high on the list. The annual U.S. Army Soldier Show proves otherwise, however. In the Army there are many incredible and talented people and after an intense audition, a few are selected to rehearse and perform in the show. This year, the show will is called Stand Strong and will be held at the Crown Coliseum on July 19 and 20.

The overall purpose of providing these shows is to “support combat readiness and effectiveness.” Entertainment at home and abroad is an important function in the military to encourage general well being — and in turn —the ability of soldiers to most efficiently complete the tasks at hand. Entertainment for the troops while they are abroad provides a relief from stress and a much needed mental break from the stresses of the mission. This provides a mental refreshing and facilitates increased focus and effectiveness. At home, the free entertainment opportunities offered make everyday life better — and when a soldier’s family is happy it is easier for the service member to focus on the mission.

The motto for this event is “Entertainment for the soldier, by the soldier.” Each performer is a soldier from the Army and Army National Guard from around the nation. Each performer has gone through an intense audition process in order to be part of the show, including a full fitness testing. In order to participate in the months of training and then touring, they not only have to be supremely talented but they must also exemplify the seven Army Values, which are loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity and personal courage. Even the stage crew is recruited from talented soldiers. This makes the show entirely self-contained. The soldiers set up, perform and break down the show.

The theme is focused on what gives the soldiers such incredible strength and character. Each performer individually embodies the strengths of a good soldier by upholding the core Army values, and the show they are performing both explores and honors the strengths of the Army.

The U.S. Army Soldier Show : Standing Strong is on stage at the Crown Theatre. The theatre is located at 190 Coliseum Dr. On July 19, the show will begin at 7 p.m. On July 20, the show will begin at 2 p.m. The performances are free of charge and no tickets are required for entry. Seating is on a first come, first served-basis and doors open one hour before the show is scheduled to begin.

For more information visit http://crowncomplexnc.com/calendar-of-events/ or http://www.armymwr.com/soldier-show.aspx.

Photo: Soldiers from across the U.S. Army go through a grueling audition process to earn a spot in the U.S. Army Soldier Show. The show is coming to the Crown on July 19.

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