12-31-14-stomp.gifWhat do brooms, boxes of matches, water barrels and heavy work boots all have in common? If you guessed they were some of the musical instruments for an upcoming show at the Crown Theatre, then you were correct.

On Sunday, Jan. 11, the Crown Complex will play host to the always unique and supremely successful touring show, Stomp; brought to the area by Fayetteville Live.

Ivan Delaforce is the current rehearsal director and a long time cast member of the American touring cast of Stomp. Delaforce joined the cast back in 1995 just as the show was beginning to tour in the United States.

“I like to call Stomp a concert … It is technically physical theatre, but it’s definitely music and that music came first,” Delaforce said describing the show. “When Luke Cresswell and Steve McNicholas, the creators of the show, wrote (Stomp), they did it as musicians. I love calling it a concert because it is an hour and a half of just music. Some of it is loud and some of it is quiet. Once you see through the characters and the visuals, it is music.”

The visuals that Delaforce is speaking of are the result of the truly unique method that the creators of the show followed for creating the sounds. Instead of using traditional percussion instruments to generate the music, everyday household objects are used with a creative flair. When asked about how the various items are selected for a show Delaforce said, “The creators of the show decide what types of object goes into a number. There is a lot of stuff that seems cool and sounds a certain way, they are just geniuses at putting it together and making it visual and making some sort of a beginning and an end to it. Otherwise it would be us just banging on a bunch of different stuff. They pick the sounds and determine what is used based on what looks interesting.”

Delaforce continued, “We have a new number called ‘Trollies’, which we know in the states as shopping carts. They have incorporated that into the show. You wouldn’t think that they would sound great at all but it starts off being quiet and ends up being masterful and brilliant in the end. It is that kind of vision that the creators have to figure out how to make something like a shopping cart be awesome in the show.”

Stomp has been a selling out theatres in the United States since 1996, and the show has also produced a DVD and HBO special. Even with those TV and film adaptations out there, Delaforce still believes the live show cannot be missed.

He went on to say, “Like just about anything you have seen on TV, it is never the same as seeing it live. You might know what is coming and you might have watched it a million times, but to see a live performance, to see someone onstage doing it and to hear it… To hear and see the rhythms coming off the stage and to actually witness the cast making that music, when you are sitting there in the theatre, you are immersed in it.”

This show is one for the whole family to enjoy with comedy and music and amazing performers making music with everything except the kitchen sink; they will probably use that too. Tickets for the show are available through Ticketmaster and The Crown Complex Box Office. For more information go to, fayettevilleliveshows.com.

Photo: Stomp, the award-winning Broadway show will make a one night-stop in Fayetteville.

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