02-04-05-chuggington.gifSince the very first person rode the very first set of tracks, trains have been intriguing for children and adults. One way that this manifests is through television shows, particularly for children. A relatively new television show that brings the excitement of trains and valuable life lessons to kids across the world is Chuggington. Perhaps even more exciting is the opportunity for fans to experience the adventures of their favorite Chuggington characters live with Chuggington Live: The Great Rescue Adventure coming to the Crown Theatre on Feb. 13.

“This is a high-energy, multimedia show,” said Rori Nogee, who plays the character Lori in the show. “It’s interactive and fun. Kids love it. It’s a chance to see the latest Disney Jr. characters and the audience gets to be a part of the story.”

Chuggington is a popular animated children’s show that focuses on young trains called trainees. They strive to learn and to train in order to join the Chug Patrol. They are faced with challenges that teach them important life lessons like the value of friendship, hard work, determination, teamwork and courage. The show has been translated into 36 different languages and in the United States it is broadcasted through Disney and Disney Junior Channels.

“While the show typically appeals to young boys, I love that my role is that of a strong woman,” said Nogee. “It sets a good example for them and falls right in line with the other themes in the show like the value of hard work, determination and team work.”

Chuggington Live: The Great Rescue Adventure is a 75-minute, two act musical full of fun and excitement for fans of the friendly trains. In the show, the three trainees Koko, Wilson and Brewster are starting on their advanced training to become part of the Chug Patrol. However, Koko needs help after she gets into some trouble at the Rocky Ridge Mine. Wilson puts his new skills to use to help save his friend. The show focuses on the importance of courage and determination when facing large challenges. The trains share with the audience important life lessons.

The show is full of new songs and fan favorites from the TV series. The onstage trains are as mechanically marvelous as their real-life counterparts. They have working mouths, eyes and an interactive animate background. This is an incredible opportunity for new fans and old. For those who have experienced the show before, it is an exciting way to experience familiar characters. For new viewers, the adventure is an exciting show with great new friends.

Chuggington Live: The Great Rescue Adventure will be at the Crown Theater at 7 p.m. The theatre is located at 1960 Coliseum Dr. Ticket prices range from $20 to $45. Tickets are available through ticketmaster.com, The Crown Box Office or by calling 1-800-745-300. For more information, visit www.crowncomplexnc.com, http://lifeliketouring.com/chuggingtonlive or call 910-438-4100.

Photo: Chugginton Live: The Great Rescue Adventure is on stage at the Crown on Feb. 13.

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