I received my BMW Owners Association (BMWOA) 2008 booklet the other day. In this book are the phone numbers of other BMW owners who have volunteered to help their fellow Bimmers out if they need assistance. These are folks who volunteer everything from picking you up in the event of a breakdown, to someone you can call for advice, and if need be, a place to stay. The membership also gets you the BMW ON magazine each month.{mosimage}
    As I looked through the new book I thought to myself what I would do in the event of a breakdown while on a ride. I have towing insurance but don’t think that is sufficient in the event my bike breaks down someplace like Kitty Hawk and the closest dealership is in Raleigh.
    These days there are many towing services available through a variety of companies. I know that I can get roadside assistance from my cell phone carrier for an additional monthly fee but I have a hard enough time getting someone from America to answer directory assistance so I don’t want to try to deal with translations while I’m upset about the bike. I have towing on my car insurance but that will not cover my motorcycle. I checked AAA and KOA. I found that AAA will tow a motorcycle but only to the nearest motorcycle shop. However, the language in the KOA Web site reads a little differently and I found that KOA actually will pay to have your bike towed to the closest “capable” repair facility and provide minor repairs. As I navigated the site I was directed to Allstate Motorclub who is the provider for KOA.
    This is great news if you have a Harley and do not want a hack working on it. The KOA membership does not cover a particular bike so this is great if you own more than one bike.This is a great benefit if you own more than one bike. It also includes vehicles, RV, trailers and ATVs. I was also allowed to sign up an additional member for the basic cost. The membership also gives you Lock-Out benefit, arrest bond certificate, trip interruption benefit, legal defense benefit, KOA Kampground discounts, personalized Trip-Plan services and hotel, motel and car rental discounts.
     Although I hope I will never need roadside assistance, I thought the price of the KOA membership was worth the peace of mind knowing I have someone to take care of me and my bike.
     If there is a topic that you would like to discuss, please send your comments and suggestions to motorcycle4fun@aol.com. RIDE SAFE!

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