Date My Ex wallows in perversity
    Date My Ex: Jo & Slade
(Monday, 10 p.m., Bravo) has a wafer-thin premise: Jo De La Rosa from The Real Housewives of Orange County is set up on dates by her ex-fiance, Slade Smiley. As in any other dull dating series, guys go out with Jo and get eliminated one by one. But the producers seem to think that the ex-fiance angle adds limitless drama and intrigue. Everyone has been told to play up the “weirdness” of the scenario, despite the fact that it was obviously cooked up by Jo, Slade (now her manager), Bravo executives and all their lawyers in some Hollywood office.
    “I can’t believe I’m on a dating show with my ex-fiance!” Jo chirps unconvincingly. “It’s, like, definitely kind of weird!”
    “It’s a weird thing to think that other guys are thinking about my ex-fiancee that way,” says Slade, as if the idea had just dawned on him.
    You might not mind the contrivance if Jo were fun to hang out with. But she’s a giggling nitwit who affects a babyish voice and pout. Here’s a typical example of her wit and wisdom: “I was, like, whoa.”
    We are, like, ick.{mosimage}

Family Foreman
Wednesday, 10 p.m. (TV Land)
    I love George Foreman, the former world-champion boxer and current world-champion character. I’m reluctant to take a swing at his new reality series, but this thing deserves to be knocked cold. It’s another example of a celebrity turning the camera on himself and his family for no good reason.
    The premiere episode meanders from the kitchen table to the garage to a speedway where a Foreman-sponsored team will compete. George’s daughter has been tapped to sing “God Bless America” before the race, and he seems to think we care. But why would we care about someone so petulant, not to mention scatterbrained? “Are we in Indiana?” she asks while sitting in the middle of Chicago.
    No, dear, we’re in hell.

High School Musical: Get the Picture
Sunday, 8 p.m. (ABC)
    This reality series seeks stars for the upcoming High School Musical 3. Producers scour the nation for bright young talent, visiting local singing competitions and karaoke bars. A dozen finalists attend High School Musical Camp, where weekly eliminations winnow the field to the new Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens.
But wait. The winners of High School Musical: Get in the Picture will not technically appear in  . They’ll merely appear in a music video that runs over the closing credits, when viewers have already gone to the bathroom or changed channels.
    So basically, ABC is asking us to spend several weeks on a virtually meaningless casting exercise. I suggest changing the series’ title to High School Musical: Afterthought.

Generation Kill
Sunday, 9 p.m. (HBO)
    This miniseries is based on Evan Wright’s book, which chronicles the first 40 days of the Iraq War. We follow a group of Marines who spearhead the invasion, all familiar types from modern war movies: raunchy, cynical, flawed. At the beginning of this week’s episode, they’re smug about the United States’ military might. “Yes, we are the conquering heroes!” one of them crows as tanks roll through the desert. Hmmm, do you think disillusionment and death might be just around the corner?
    Viewers will tune in not for the script, but for the production values. Generation Kill was filmed entirely in Africa, and it puts you right in the middle of a realistic war zone. The screen fills with explosions, gunfire, smoke, rubble, fire and very convincing corpses.

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