I’ve been an out lesbian for several years and am only attracted to women. A close male friend recently confessed his feelings for me. I’ve known him for years, and we connect in a way I’ve never connected with anybody. If he were a woman, I’d consider him my soul mate. If only I could somehow make myself bisexual. I love him, but have no desire for mutual pants-less-ness. In fact, the idea of sleeping with him grosses me out. Does no sex have to mean no relationship? Lots of hetero women have low sex drives, and lots are married! Should I give a relationship a try, but mandate that pants must be worn at all times?
—Dream Or Disaster Waiting To Happen?

    It seems you’re a lesbian, not a “lesbian” who takes vacations — hopping the ferry from the Isle of Lesbos to the mainland for the occasional hetero holiday. But, hey, why let that stop you from getting into a relationship with a straight guy? After all, as you point out, lots of hetero women have low sex drives, and lots of them are married (ideally, to men who also have low sex drives). The question is, do YOU have a low sex drive? Or, better yet, a nonexistent one? Does he? If not, you can announce that there will be none of that “mutual pants-less-ness,” and he could be nodding like a bobblehead, but consciously or subconsciously, he’ll be thinking, “Nah, I’ll get there. Just a matter of time.” It isn’t a malevolent thing, just how guys are wired.
    So you have “feelings” for the guy; I mean, in addition to finding him sexually repellant. You’ve known him forever, you have this amazing connection...why not add a whole new level to your relationship? No, not sex — bitterness and resentment, after he’s hurt that you won’t just try a little ride or two, and you’re hurt that he just won’t stop trying. But, if only he were a woman! If only you were bi! — as if bisexuals are the garbage dump of sexuality, attracted to anyone, as long as they’re a man or a woman.
    Be this guy’s friend by making him aware of how utterly nuts it would be for you to be his girlfriend. Be kind, but hit hard enough to knock the illusions out of his head: “Nothing personal, but my idea of an intense night in bed with the man I love is a heated political debate yelled between the top bunk and the bottom.”

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