There are many cities across the nation that are known for the blues. Memphis may be king, but Fayetteville musicians also know a lot about the blues, and on Saturday, Aug. 9, they’ll let the smokey notes and soulful blues tunes tell their story at the 4th Annual Local Artist Blues Showcase.
    Held at the Pate Room in the Headquarters Library downtown, the event will dedicate five hours to some of the hottest licks and soulful sounds around. Featuring more than 13 different artist, the show is definitely something you don’t want to miss.
    Organized by Claudia Swartz, the idea for the show first came up in 2005 over Swartz’s morning coffee. Swartz, a musician herself, came to Fayetteville from Germany as a military spouse. She quickly found her niche in the thriving blues community. What she found was the talent, but unfortunately not many venues to showcase it. “After noticing a total disregard for local musicians in the hiring process for the city’s large festivals I made hundreds of trips downtown and talked to everybody including the mayor,” she recalled. “Since no one gave me any viable solutions for this dilemma, I decided to organize the Blues Showcase.”
    {mosimage}The first event came together on Aug. 16, 2005. The library facility was almost overwhelmed as more than 400 people came together to celebrate the blues. “It was filled to overflowing with people from all walks of life, nationalities, age or race,” she said. “They were treated to the finest blues bands in Fayetteville and the showcase tradition was born.”
    This year’s event stays true to its roots spotlighting only local talent. The headliners will include some of Fayetteville’s music veterans Bob Steele, Robbie Reid and Corky Jones, but it will also shine the light on some up and coming acts such as In that Tone, Mighty Blue, Cape Fear River Blues, Dave Brown, John Lyman, Mandy Barnes, Ray King and Cool Hand.
    “Each of these artists will lend their unique talent to this show,” she said. “We love our music passionately and were it taken away it would probably devastate us more than any other tragedy could. Our music is an expression of soul and mind that slumbers within the human psyche. Creativity at its best is the motto.”
    The event begins at 1 p.m. and runs through 6 p.m. It is free and open to the public.

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