It’s clearly no secret. Gas prices are increasing the sales of motorcycles and scooters across the nation. And while simply making the purchase and moving to a two-wheeled transportation vehicle will change the amount of change in your pocket after leaving the fuel pumps, you can get even more. {mosimage}
Employing a few of these tips and tricks will enable you to extract even more fuel mileage from your already great fuel mileage machine. This is all with the goal of leaving more money for you and less money for the oil companies.
    •The way you ride . Yes, the way you ride will affect your fuel mileage perhaps more than anything else. The less gears you shift, the less jerking back and forth you do.
    • Try to keep your RPMs within the power band. In different makes and different models this will be slightly different — experiment a bit to find that sweet RPM spot where your bike operates optimally.
    •Cut down on the revving. Yeah, I know, it sounds great. It’s sweet to hear and makes your heart pump a bit faster. This is one of the best ways to save on gas consumption.
    •A clean air filter. It doesn’t take that much extra effort to keep your air filter clean. •Tire pressure. When was the last time you checked the air in your tires? Believe it or not, many people over look this — particularly those who do their own maintenance. Not only is a properly inflated tired a more safe tire, but it also boosts your MPG. So, get out the gauge  and check your tire pressure.
    •Make your bike lighter. How many unneeded accessories do you have on your bike at the moment? Take ‘em off. If they’re something you use on a regular basis, OK — keep ‘em on. But if they’re not essential to the use of your bike or where your going or what you’re doing, take ‘em off and only put them on when they’re needed. The lighter your bike, the less the engine needs to work to propel you and the less fuel you’ll burn.
    •Tighten up. Zip your jacket and if your helmet has a face mask pull it down. Clothes flapping in the wind, or anything for that matter, will increase your air friction and decrease your fuel mileage.
    •Plan your rides. Do your best to avoid traveling when the highways are going to be packed and filled with other traffic. The more obstructions on the road, the less you’ll be able to adhere to other fuel saving tips and the more fuel you’ll be burning.

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