Enrico Glover and Lezzit Duren met about four months ago through an online dating service. They are still together — not as a couple, but as business partners.
    “We met for the first time and we began to talk about our horror stories of meeting (other singles) and being single,” said Glover. “The frustration of going out and getting all prepared only to have the photo they emailed you turn out to be 10 or 15 years old, and things just going downhill from there. Then we just thought about it and said ‘Hey, what about speed dating?’ We both had heard about speed dating before and thought it was a great idea.”   {mosimage}
    Instead of one date, you actually have the opportunity to meet six or seven folks at one event. “With that amount of numbers you are at least a lot closer to connecting with some one,” said Glover.
    Some research, a few phone calls and three months later, Glover and Duren are area representatives for Cupid.com and set to host their first speed dating event. This is the first of several speed-dating socials that they have committed to. The venue is Big Apple Restaurant and Sports Club at 5900 Yadkin Rd., on Aug. 26. Singles 27-39 are invited to register at www.Cupid.com/PreDating.
    Glover noted that speed dating is fun and can be sometimes misunderstood. “People, when they think of speed dating, they think of these folks who can’t find a date or anything of that nature — which is completely opposite of what we’ve found,” said Glover.
    In reality, many young professionals are so busy with their careers that they don’t have a lot of time to go to bars and clubs. “So when we can find an atmosphere where we can find a like-minded individual that is not just looking for dating but possibly more, we thought this would be a great opportunity,” said Glover.
    In fact, one of the things that Glover and Duren really like about Cupid.com is how they follow up with the participants after the event. They don’t just leave you out there on your own. “What happens is, you may go there and you may like somebody, but you have no idea if they like you. With this system, you can actually find out that such and such found some interest and it leaves it wide open instead of going to an event and just mingling or going to a club and you see somebody you like, but don’t know if they are interested in dating,” said Glover. 
    So far the response has been enthusiastic according to Duren. “People are really excited and keep asking ‘When is the speed-dating party? Are you still doing it?’”
    “We don’t provide background checks on people who are coming. We just wanted to provide an avenue for like-minded people who are interested in an icebreaker event. We will provide that format and they may meet new people but they should take the same precautions that they would if they met someone in a different venue. We are just providing that atmosphere. This is not a dating service,” said Duren. “This will provide them not only with other people who are single and are looking to meet, and date (because people go out all the time but that doesn’t mean they are ready to date). This atmosphere they know, they don’t have to wonder if it is a good move to go over and talk to someone.”
    With the hope of speed dating becoming a regular part of the Fayetteville singles scene in mind, Glover and Duren are already planning events for other demographics. “We are doing the first one dealing with the age population in Fayetteville (which is mainly military) which is 27-39,” said Glover.
    “But then the next one we may do a little higher scale may be the Hilltop restaurant ...A little smaller a little classier, or a wine tasting or something of that nature. So it is not just going to be for the young single professional but I can see something like maybe going to folks who are retired but still looking for that significant other.”
    The party starts at 7 p.m. Check out www.cupid.com/PreDating for the details and to register. You don’t have to join Cupid.com to be a part of this event. 

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